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He's got to stubble. It's definitive his hair. Beautiful. We can just talk about tomorrow more for a little bit. If you'd like I can do that. And how many changes he's had on CBS? But this this is this is a fraudulent poll, though, it sounds like this ranking system that doesn't work the guys with hair on steroids. It's an illegitimate listed sounds like it's rancor number five Stu gods. Vin diesel. Their hair care. I mean unquestionably bulb. Unquestionably? Good looking. On the poll is VIN diesel unquestionably good-looking plays. Also, find the music of VIN diesel singing, please number four to God's Dwayne Johnson. Yes. Low too low have you seen his body recently? I mean in general, but ma'am, he's training for Jumanji right now. How do you get some yet? It's a sequel dating to does. And it's very exciting. There was a photo. There's a photo of Danny de Vito. I saw funny tweet because there's a photo of Kevin Hart, Danny devito, and Dwayne the rock Johnson at a table reading and someone made the observation which is absolutely true that you could fit both Danny devito and Kevin Hart inside of the rock. How can there be another Jumanji? I didn't see this one. But NC original the original Jumanji. I mean came out of the box and kind of destroyed the world can destroy the world again, you put it back together. But the time Wayne Johnson KENNY'S done about nine times. In production. Really ruined. So many cities. I mean, how many people have to pick up their lives after the rocks done running through their city, destroying everything. A real number three indeterminate Jumanji is like really like a couple minutes in earth time. It's all weird. But the veto. It's such a good question by Billy. How is there? Another Jumanji this. They just made your mind. Did they not thousand seventeen? Was enjoyable threes. Number three or did. I just do number three. Now, we did four not a fine them. Number three. Bruce willis. Classic every month. Lifetime achievement a charm. The first guy that said, okay, I'm gonna make up for my lack of hair here with this charm, and you're gonna find me a resistible so top three. No question. I I'm assuming this is the number twos. Gotta be Michael Jordan. If it's not number one, right? Because Michael Jordan made bald popular he made he helped me all popular regardless. Number two, Stu God. David beckham. Okay. Hold on. Sir. Long hair? If you wanted to know that doesn't count cursed. Wow. Rancor dot com is causing definitive list. I was looking for the rancor joke somewhere, and I couldn't find it. Difference number one number one, bald handsome person in the history of today is Jason Statham. Respect. Raindrop drop top time to read the script for a hat spot. I went to a concert with him. Did he have hair back then? Yeah. Isn't it like Danny de Vito size? Van. Dairy to Tom. If you try if we have a full board of fake, Sean. Oh my God. All right. We'll go now at the end of the after you're done with this butcher box read. Hey, people support butcher your box. It's exceptional meat, and it sent to your home. It's super efficient. I will blow through some Sean Connery calls in in about a minute. Butcher boxes delivered right to your door. And their meat is guaranteed to be you mainly raised..

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