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Dot com slash F., F. T.. News and notes that got some quarterback news garden. She was not expected expected to play next week. If he is no longer the quarterback for the Jaguars guys what impact does it have on? Everyone charq Robinson Chenault Etcetera Heath you WanNa take this one or. Any idea I can't I don't think there's not a reasonably a reasonable strong take to have. We don't have any idea. Good. Jake Louganis. If they don't think he's ready and we're we're rolling Mike Glennon out there. Then I think it's probably not a great impact for DJ. Or anyone else in elephants? It's James Robinson and I wouldn't trust anybody else. Okay. Andy Dalton is expected to play next week they are playing as we record this on Sunday night against the Eagles next week steelers no big deal than a by. Jalen Ramsey had an illness. We didn't know about that until I, didn't know about until after kickoff. It didn't make him inactive. Okay. So jalen weird's. name hindsight. A Oh i. talked about that plate just amazing play. Hope you can see the back handspring. Car whatever it was got you got of. Celebration, it was a celebration. hands-free. Hilton left with a groin injury miles gaskin hobbled off in the fourth quarter we don't take it serious. Adam Humphreys left with a head injury that was tough to watch Gus Edwards left but he returned deontay Johnson left, but he returned wasn't really anywhere to be found but he turned. What he's did he? Pittsburgh Defensive Lineman Cam Hayward left with an injury with eight seconds left a great player. We'll keep an eye on that. Should Chicago right tackle Bobby Massey got hurt in the first quarter New Orleans defensive tackle sheldon rankings left with an injury and the I did not see if he was able to come back. Minnesota Cornerback Cam Dan Slur was carted off after neck injury that was scary. Yes. Tough injuries today and Las Vegas Right Tackle Trent Brown was taken to the hospital after the team messed up his issue. That's scary. Yes. You also forgot a major injury. Oh, I forget Kenny Golladay Oh, my God. I am very sorry about that. I can't have a catch. Yeah. Yeah no I definitely saw ahead in the notes I must have deleted it and I. I got your back. Thank you. Thank you. And Chicago Wide Receiver Giovane Whims, he just punch the Guy. It was really weird like poked him in the face or something, and then he was like Oh backed off and there's like, no, no I'm GonNa Punch you now very strange. He punched him in the Helmet Yeah I think I saw on twitter. That was the same guy that Michael Thomas got in trouble for punching it is cj Gardner Johnson very punishable apparently. Yeah. like I get it I've not done that but there have been lots of times. Thirteen Co workers where I like just wanted to run up, punch him in the face. Are you telling me that you I? Think Adam should wear a helmet from now on was when he knows you're going to be there. Is Good Advice. How bad would you have to be at somebody to punch them in the head when they're wearing a helmet? I don't know. Let's see. Let's see if I can take any more of heats believe it or not. So we'll find out winners and losers. All right. Dave's winters Zach..

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