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Insurance. The raise played a rays game last night I mean the raise the they continue to just find a way when the astros jumped ahead last night you said Oh here we go again except the race pitchers, all of them got the out they needed to get and right now the guy who is trying to be the most famous baseball player in the world someone whose existence I. Was Not aware of a month ago. Randy arose arena does it again for for for for the raise and so far? He's having guys he's having one of those. October's Oh that's I agree with you Mike I never heard of and it's it's an amazing story and the way people are describing him the whole thing. But you know we're watching Sydney's home runs regularly doing stuff. Phenomenal. They They they're. They're fashion how `bout altuve as. Said five home runs off Snell. In his career already but I thought that was you're right a very. Thing that makes this really interesting. For both teams is that they have to play potentially seven Games in seven days I love it. Yeah. But but but talk about the antithesis of what baseball has become with with the relief pitchers especially, pitchers guys going to mount for one batter. No more of that you know there's off day that you can plan for this is this is a war of attrition, and that's why the race actually benefited by not having to use a couple of their relief pitchers and not la- leading the astros see them because the Astros get good once they've seen a guy. And the more times I see him and this just fascinating to me. This has never happened I. Mean I'm Kinda Rooting for seven game series here just because it's GonNa look like the battle and Les, Mis Arrive by the seventh game you know everybody's Hawaiian on the way the the headline of the weekend even with the the. League Championship series is the raise knocking off the Yankees I mean and the way they knocked them off the way they knocked them off for Mike Brosseau who on September first got buzzed by Geraldo Chapman. Would they one hundred mile per hour fastball aimed directly at the bill of his helmet? Okay. To work them and work them and I think it was the ten, th pitcher the. To, then hit the home run to end the season for Chapman and the Yankees stuff like that just doesn't happen but it did Friday night it was a dime novel stuff. Absolutely it was A. Watch in I mean would have been reading about it. You would have gone. Yeah. Right. You kidding me. Yeah. Michael was one hundred point five miles an hour to ten to pitch and he It was extraordinarily the poetic justice involved all out Mike. How bad is the fall out for the Yankees Losing Oh listen Mitch I'm intrigued reading all of the stories now what the Yankee should do and and I like the guy and I have A. Good relationship with guy nobody ever talks about the general manager. Okay. The I I'm not going to Belabor this. So we can talk about the end of the season. Okay. They want one world they've spent whatever they want on baseball players for twenty years. Okay. They routinely spend north of two hundred, million dollars. Okay and they never have enough pitching and they never have a variety there a gray regular sees Mitch you know who they are the bucks. Okay. There the bucks they light up the regular season they make a lot of threes and then they don't get the job done in the playoffs. Okay. They never have. They were trying to win the world series with basically four pitchers, Garrett Cole and three relief pitchers. Okay and and this schedule. Yeah. It caught up with them but it catches up with everybody if they don't have enough. Pitching and the other thing that happened. In when they do stop hitting home runs, they have no plan B. When they lost the Astros in the AL three years ago. Okay. They scored one run in game six and game seven. Okay. They stopped hitting home runs and guess what they they they lose, and at some Point Hal Steinbrenner Mitch is going to say to, Brian, hate, can I have a word with you? Because we've? Absorbed to three hundred, million dollar contracts in the last two years and and we just we just lost to a mom and pop operation Saint Petersburg. Who would have thought that the astros with their record this year and losing Justin Burland or would be playing laws are Mitch. Closer to. would be playing on while the Yankees were home. It's quite extraordinary and just. A little tennis Michael Your little. A Litt- RAF, no Dahlan clay has there ever been such a relationship Oh, boy I, if be could only if he can only have clay courts, you know for for the other three majors, he put the bar so far ahead of them that nobody would ever catch him but put it put into perspective what he accomplished beating. Joe Kebich for that title. Well, first of all, it's not shocking that it was a beatdown Mitch these things happen in the greatest rivalries I could. Jovic beep Nidal on his favorite service. Hard court in Australia year and a half ago and gave them eight games in the final and he got seven games even Rafa reference at yesterday. He killed me today I killed him it happens okay. Thirteen French Open tie thirteen French Open titles on that surface for the grind of playing winning seven matches on on red clay. Okay. It was his hundredth career victory at the French Open and is Mary grow said at the end of the broadcast yesterday twenty twenty ends now with Federal and adult tied at Twenty and I think he's going to pass them. There's no reason to the seven months. He gets to defend his French Open title. He's still in his early thirties and I'm not sure it's a lock, the joke which is now. Going to pass both of them. But what Rafa Dow has done okay and I will give you guys this line because of Connor said to me one day on the telephone in passing he still plays like he's broke and he did it again yesterday and they're in an individual sport thirteen French Open titles nothing like this has ever happened before Mike explained to the layman enquiring minds want to know what is to deal with the clay why is this individual? So far every mortal that's ever played this game on that particular surface. What is what makes? The the bounces long rallies he's he's just equipped. The force of his especially his topspin forehand game and his his his will his game his he's he's his ability to play beyond behind the baseline and stay out there. The way he does and the thing that the clay does does do for him it. It doesn't weaponize the serve of the other guy 'cause you're gonna see even the best service they'll get ACIS. Okay. But you're going to get a better swing at the ball and but when I looked up yesterday Mitch. And it was six, love six two in the final I'm thinking Oh, my God he's. He's exactly if you know you hear me say this all the time. If you didn't know what year it was, you wouldn't have known what year it was watching roffe yesterday he's thirty four. Jovic is.

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