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70 Griffith Energy Services Up dog undependable. Why ever than a P news minute The US tops. 40 million confirmed coronavirus cases. 651,000 deaths, a surge fueled by the delta variant and 40, some percent of the population still not vaccinated. Tomorrow. President Biden lays out a half dozen steps for the next phase of the fight against the virus, Press secretary Jen Psaki requiring more vaccinations, boosting important testing measures and more, making it safer for kids to go to school. Capitol police want fencing that surrounded the Capitol in Washington after the January 6th riot put back up next week because of the chance for violence. By extremist groups at a rally Speaker Nancy Pelosi won't talk about specific security plans. We intend to have the integrity of the capital, uh, the intact I'm not going into any specifics in that regard. The rally has been set up by people who want to demand justice for the hundreds charged in connection with January's insurrection. I'm Tim Maguire, the summer of hope against the coronavirus is ending in gloom. More than 26,000 deaths were reported last month. More than Four million infections. It's the fourth highest total since the start of the pandemic. Overall, more than 650,000 people have died in a major forecast model projects 750,000 deaths by December, 1st hopes were high, but the Delta variant, along with resistance to vaccinations dashed those hopes. This outbreak is still well below the all time peaks over the winter cases in most states appear to be plateau owing and are likely to decline in the fall, buying more time to vaccinate adults and teenagers before flu season. Ed Donahue Washington officials in New York are announcing they've identified the remains of two more victims of the September 11th terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center. Just days before the 20th anniversary of the devastating attacks that killed nearly 3000 people and jolted the nation. The medical examiner's office says technicians using DNA were able to identify the remains of Dorothy Morgan of Hempstead, New York, She was a broker for Marsh and McLennan officials also determined the identity of a man whose remains were recovered in separate finds in 2000 and 1, 2000 and two and 2000 and six his family is asking the name be withheld. It's the first time in two years new identification has been made. 1100 remains are still unidentified. Even though teams are still working to match DNA to fragments found, Chief Medical examiner of New York Barbara Sampson says they pledged to do everything they can to make sure all those lost that day can be reunited with their families. I'm Jackie Quinn. I'm Mike Rossi, a reporting Dylann roof seeks a rehearing on his church shooting conviction. Lawyers for Dylann Roof filed a petition Wednesday challenging the fourth U. S Circuit Court of Appeals confirmation of his conviction and death sentence for the 2015 racist slayings of nine members of Mother Emanuel Ame Church in Charleston, South Carolina. Attorneys for roof want the full court to consider his appeal after a three judge panel of the court unanimously upheld roofs, conviction and sentence last month. In 2017 roof, became the first defendant in the United States sentenced to death for a federal hate crime roofs. Attorneys argue he was wrongly allowed to represent himself during sentencing. I'm Mike Rossia. Home. It looks a little different for everyone. For some. It's a rustic cabin for others, a big city high rise and for others. It's renting a tiny studio that said it had laundry in the building. But the dryer is always broken..

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