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Live he averaged are now morning get is now five thirty years since the lightning way off to the east this morning it is mostly over the atlantic there are some of it started to move a short just a little bit at this hour in profar county where they have a significant whether advisory in effect for the next forty five minutes but these storms are mostly moving to the south more so than in the wind so we we will see some rain today get a fifty fifty shot a rain in storms club but not these storms and not at this moment not amir landed area about we do on the spring break they have a changeup in the forecast love details with that five day forecast three come to just two minutes are touch for this morning we're following breaking news drive now seven people are now in police custody in connection with the deadly terror attack of the british parliament a big split six at this stage we have notes information about further threats to put them please rated six addresses across the uk but investigator still believe the attacker act alone for people are dead including the attacker police say he ram to car into a crowd of people before stabbing a police officer i see that that's in thirty three sixty fumble second column and tim m's of the public but when eighth in the mix for face and it he's mid fifties reporter pierre thomas tells us the attack was inspired by previous islam it's related terrorism incident this threat exists and we know for a fact it isis has been putting up propaganda continuously asking it's followers to use trucks to use not as we get where there's no training required to attack as so law enforcement has to live with this the temple in terms of investigations remain high yeah we are constantly has investigations ongoing with some of this they remind you that there's only so much that could be done we are tracking any developments and the story you.

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