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And we have to there is no way we can do it without working directly with the people are business does not exist. If we don't work directly with them, and for our point of view it. We don't wanna do it. If it's not supporting the environment because I can do other things I don't have to do this. So if I'm gonna do it and all my partners of the same way, we're gonna do it. We're going to do it. Right. And that's a great position to be. In is there's a lot of you know, things that aren't sustainable a lot of companies any marking so closely with these cultures. What have you seen to be the physical mental even like kind of spiritual benefits of of ingesting these types of superfoods like you've probably seen it firsthand. Just kind of curious like what you've seen from them using them for centuries. I mean, I think the first. I obviously one is the community around it the ritual of of of, you know, remember one of the first trips I took in two thousand three or four seventeen thousand feet in the Andes of Peru. But this little farming community. I wanted to see Maka. There was nothing else that grew there when you sit down with them eat, and they serve you different varieties of how they have they make their food. And now they prepare mauka and all that stuff in your your in your enjoying it from their perspective, and they're telling old practices of how they. Dealt with you know, spirits on the land. And what did they do wrong? When a crop went Ryan in how they from an ink in perspective how they dealt with it. So community is probably the first the first kind of obvious thing the community that surrounds every that's why folklore around all of these plants are just massive. It's just credible. Like, that's the that's the power. So it's this community surrounding kind of these plants that is is for me, the most obvious, and then there's the ceremonial aspect. We talked a little bit about Las Kob. Obviously, that's a very intense even before you drink ceremonial preparation that you're doing to prepare. To prepare number one, these two plants that are coming together to to eliminate oneself. And then you have things like. You know, rodeo LA in high in the sovereign area of Tabet, China even up into Russia where if to give a little just to get it. So it's getting stressed in its under things a great adapted in the world. So the synergy of food plants is so interesting that you can take this and the stress that it went under will give it it will give that essence to you. And thereby what are these great adapted Jin's? How is it that they're under the stress in our bodies are symbiotic with a right? So the the Maka Mayes Maka means in mauka help us regulator endocrine system. How is it that these kind of five forces or five flavors of Shas Andhra that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for ten twenty thousand? Thousand years that it works on five constitutions of our of ourselves on our in our in our body and..

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