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He was a top four fantasy quarterback. So if you're telling me I got a potential top fantasy quarterback with a ninth round, pick at going acute nine to I'm happy when you take them if you're a mother aunt and by the way, if he doesn't work out again, quarterback so deep, I'll go to the waiver wire and I'll pick up whatever Jared Goff or Alex Smith who isn't getting drafted and ridiculous. Philip rivers, tyrod Taylor Tara tells can be a top twelve fantasy quarterback as long as he's cubing Browns. And if the rushing dude are your your defensive me Andrew luck. Stafford. I just don't enjoy having a my team. Enjoy having the lions and he's he's passed away aside, but there was a comedian in Vegas named Danny Gans. Yeah, Danny Gans. And so and I want to see him once and every impression was was like, that injury wreck will. Right? Like if you're a good impressionist, you don't need to do the voice, but he'd be like, hey, what's up? It's me Jack Nicholson. If you're any good at being impressionist you don't need to do you know what I mean? Awful impressionist, but right yet, that was it just reminded me of very Danny teddy big. Thank because he would always do that. Like again, hey, it's me Cleveland hanging out at this bar in Boston, and it'd be like a guy like every impression was that and your dislike Stafford? Yeah, I just don't like my team. Okay. Garoppolo. Yeah. What about Jimmy g. q., I don't like his offseason. There's a lot of Garoppolo red flags are now. Yeah, I don't like him comparing himself to Vince in the entourage cast. Okay today with the porn star made me nervous. Right? He got paid a lot because a lot of people on the bandwagon. It just I'm nervous. I would still. Take them, but I'd be nervous fused by number one QB I haven't tied my top ten. I think he is the real deal talent wise to Jimmy g. bandwagon..

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