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Ninety three point one K. M. B. K. right now is about eight forty you know Brian nobles he's so giving you just hi fi as you Tuesday morning beauty shots right there and over Donner summit over echo some of the sun shining down on that snow looks beautiful up that way things look good getting around Sacramento sing a lot of improvement as far as any slowing this reports right by the Sacramento area sewer district eighty from Roseville nine minutes to the cap cities split another thirteen on the cap city freeway gets heated downtown slowing on that corner is really breaking up now also easing up on I five coming in from L. gross total slowing right around soon as in pocket and then again it seems all grow to downtown to sixteen minutes if you're making the trip in from elk Grove on ninety nine that's still an eighteen minute drive cattle heavy traffic off and on for macro to about forty seven highway fifty so a little heavy traffic coming out of Eldorado county down the bass like great throughout the route of heels a lot of that fog up that way that cause the slowing of lifting off the deck but none the less so that's some heavy traffic up that way once you get out down in the fall some then things move much better full symbol of our downtown just twenty minutes of becoming from woodland on I five twenty eight minutes makes it into will heavy traffic often often they'll pass it to the garden highway nothing because of the light coming in from Davis sixteen minutes there get to the downtown the sewage system is probably the last thing on your mind that at the root of Sacramento area sewer district it's their first priority they're the region's largest the sewer utility sewer problems calling first day or night nine one six eight seventy five sixty seven thirty learn more at Saks sewer dot com traffic on the tens every ten minutes mornings and afternoons Brian nobles news ninety three point one K. F. C. K. there is a dense fog advisory in effect until ten o'clock this morning highs today around sixty degrees chance of showers in the morning tomorrow body a little cooler highs.

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