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Sounds lovely but they can't perform in do Corning but because the word Confederate and I you know I get the governor's point but the language he used to denounce them was over kill we talked about this last week or the week before when it comes to the Betsy Ross flag we cannot allow the racist and the big gates and the worst of us to take ours symbols and the Confederate flag is one of those symbols whether you like it or not it's come to stand for a lot more than just the confederacy and I think the governor made a big mistake in doing this a minute so what does it stand for besides the part you tell me Scott I hate the battle flag I hate with a passion give me your best though considers to be a southerner to be a rebel to be of that land of you're from the south yeah I always thought of it as a negative symbol of the flags yes thanks but I think some people see it is a righteous rebel I'm not against American actually very much for America but my vision of it it's not a racist bigoted one I mean that's that's what I think some people I would challenge you to look at every this white supremacist racist segregationist March from nineteen hundred day and tell me what flags being flown I'm not arguing that point I will serve hazard yeah that was a okay little boys I'm sorry but I thought the I I understand what you're saying that the racist or using the flag but I thought a lot of non racist also flew that flag there was the kid there's a Confederate Memorial Day in the south yeah there is that okay okay also don't celebrate Lincoln's birthday but when I went okay so the nexus but they do celebrate Robert I mean the Jefferson Davis on wrong so the you think the governor should have been to spend what's the message of the music they're not a fringe panel but their songs aren't about racism and sing about the virtues of exclusion I'll bet that they are just trying to tap into the southern vibe in them fettered flag as a prop for their winter comes and think of sweet home Alabama Lynyrd Skynyrd without Confederate flags being waved in the crowd there were those and white supremacists to Steve you're arguing on behalf of I'm an upside down world I guess I don't yeah you're now for the Confederate flag being of the players that Werner is not being even on both sides because he is allowing Snoop Dogg to come play at the state fair in Springfield and he has a picture I guess on an album with a dead guy and I told him to get to set up yes during a loud so my concern is that fair how do you do one of the other right I don't know that they're exactly opposites of each other but that's certainly distasteful and maybe that's the problem if you start to go down the road yeah judge out the appropriateness of bands in images you'll not have anybody there he's out of the box you know they're always gonna push the envelope the governor well the safe here here's up with people like I remember one of their songs on my Donny and Marie hi at the Superbowl I love the lyric of up with people things on up up with people you meet the wherever you go.

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