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Welcome the program. Yes. From the Greg goodfellas show and talk to Fox News. Of course, the great tyrus. How are you, sir? Well, tell us about the new show you and I just did. Now said it's basically it's a conversation will close day. It's a converse. It's basically a conversation show where me and a, a successful guest like yourself by the end, she's on the list of people. Thank you. I like sure he'll do it. Yourself? Me give you my number. So we have a conversation, and it's the cool thing about is, I have no agenda going into these, these interviews, because I am not good at asking questions. That is false. No in my mind because I'm a talker. Yes. Yeah. Going to go both. Predominantly right. And I've been practicing I practice just like anything else, within wrestling, and football with films on cat no myself because I'm very up to answer the mirror looking south. So tyrus because here's the thing. I didn't know how to end a question. Yeah. John, all these dressings accelerate asked you this, and in your experience, being doctor when you have patients and do is there ever a time when, when you think about back in the day when you work with what's it like having a nurse? You don't say it's just I didn't know how to get there with the bubble I still do a little of that. But, but it works you get around to work. Yeah. Working on. It's not. So how'd you get involved, gut feel oh man? The tweeted me and I, I thought, why is this small white guy? And you're like two and a half of him three maybe three possibly four. But I watched I watched read I watched and I made a comment about something and he basically didn't I hit him back. And then they message me I was like, oh, you go. Misery bre now before the Greg upfield show had been, maybe running for like a month or two. Maybe because he had maybe three months and then he was like the bring on the show. Sometimes guest, really like what you had to say about something, and I was like right in at this time of my life of the acting world coming from wrestling was less than favorable you. So I was going through some struggles or whatever, and I really didn't want I didn't have time to chase rainbows or like whatever's. All I was like, all right. I'll, I'll do the show and he's like we'll fight you out on select. Yeah. Right. This is hilarious. Like this is not flying out talk, politics. This is set up and down, but he's messed with the wrong one so we did the show and during the show like we did it, I say, but he's like, man. If you lived in New York, and have us a co host, and I was like, whatever, like this five. At chemistry is really great doing a good job. He was so positive and wasn't used to that. So was Canada show at the time cat and JoAnne by at that time. Cat was on the other side. She was the one who brought up eighty. We missed like cat, although corner. Oh, I see. The girl on the today show talking talking liberal wall. I walked into the door. I carry them, then, that's when you play the love music, and it was like, hey, I'd like to bring it back. How about a couple of times a month? And I was like, sure cool and then a couple times a month turned into like once a week, and then it was like we gotta get used part of the team. And honestly, if it wasn't for, like, Greg, and Holly and Joan Tom and those guys there's because there's no, there's no way in any form that just anybody at Fox News. But hey, let's hire this guy, you know, it's just it's not there. And they saw something in me that I didn't even see to be quite honest with you and was gonna be efficient part of FOX, and it just kind of grew from there. But Joan is very good Jones financial producer there. Right. But literally, it was great and he wouldn't let me because I would give into the right man for real and there was also some skeptical. Fox News, because unfortunately, Fox News, the twenty four hour news network, wherever they lot of different stuff on their actual real news and opinion shows. But unfortunately, a lot of times all you hear about is a opinion shows that are popular is the whole face. And that's kind of what they want the other networks want you to believe that, that's what Fox News isn't, especially as a minority. Sometimes you get the wrong idea about what Fox News is really about because of a couple of popular opinion shows, maybe not agree with the norms and they favor, a certain point of view. They never tell you what, to say, no. I've never been told. And you're, and you're pretty pretty moderate voice, with a strong point of view. Yeah. Greg literally would be like, don't I would never ask that of you. Yeah. Even at the expense of the show like the situation with the president's speech in Alabama was really offended by it. I thought that, you know, he could've used like talking about the, you know, kick your ass up, or whatever I just thought that was ridiculous. There was no reason for it. So that wasn't, you know, the average. Fox reporter kind of lean towards the president's point of view on that. I did not see that at all. But I was never asked to I think there's specifically there to give a different point of view. Yeah. Mixed point view there. That's and the always provide something interesting. Same thing with cabinet cat is straight hardcore libertarian machine. We talked to her, yes. Absolutely. Like, like it scares me. Sometimes returns, I do have a heart. Heart beating and she's, she's a really good comedian. She's really good at like, but I think because people paint you in a box, and that's the one thing about the show, and I think the reason why so successful is because people are saying, hey, it's not a box like Thomas is basically the same guy at the bar who was commenting on a football game. How you do it better. And cat is you know, she's the, the assistant principal who has all these ideas around the school, but isn't allowed getting the keys yet. So I mean and delivers it in a funny way. Yeah. Yeah, it's not the norm. And it's sometimes a little dangerous to not always have. Everyone agreeing with the host. I disagree with Greg all the time. In a humorous way and and stuff a lot of hosts win tolerate that highway. I mean think about it, but I think that's what's great about that, showing, you know, all the years that I did FOX on different shows nobody ever said you have to say this or have to have this point of view. For a long time, nobody ever said that to me. Either. Until I ran afoul of something. Oops was wrong that it was. Yeah. The only thing I've ever been, quote unquote. Trouble for was I was a little hard on 'em Rosa on the five that when she was still working for the president left and the book came out. And she went three sixty and talked about how racist everybody is now terrible. Everybody is, and they were concerned about. I was going off. I said, listen that doesn't out my point. The point I was trying to make was that if you knew this was going on for years, and you profited from it. Right. And you embrace it right. And you help when it works for you now that it's over coming out again. The gravy train job that doesn't make you a hero, quote, unquote. I said that makes you a Tom and that was too far and I was too far, and I apologize and that was the only time I was like it was like, hey, we think that was a little rough. And so, and I apologize when we moved on for, I don't, you know, it was the heat of the moment, and one of those things, but I want to ask him questions. Some of the topics we're gonna be talking about today. There's a victims of communism memorial foundation coming in here, but a recent poll that shows that millennial women fifty five percent or lean towards socialism. Pretend millennia women, but telomere response when, when we talked about this before, I don't want to buy his reaction that I'll tell you, my, my question would be what do they know what the definition of sack? Can be confused with universal healthcare, and free. 'cause that's exactly he said he goes. Yeah. Of course, millennial women and my first question was is it because they think that they can't do it themselves that they can't get, you know, a work and provide for themselves. And they think that it's better if it's just all provided for them. I thought is that I think of it was the definition was explained to them. Yes. What? Oh, hell no. You mean I work in only get set him out? And I live in this apartment. To is that is that sometimes people think in this world, right? It's the the one percent and we're going to take their money because they're all rich and we need to take some of their money and spread it out amongst us all. And then I think no if you really look at socialist, and communist countries, right, the leadership. They stay rich while the rest of you are poor living crap, Darby parts of Venezuela. Yeah. Exactly. Certain certain leaders at Arlington. Do you know it's like they don't even they don't even know that. They don't even realize how it's but somebody was it. Oh, van Jones who said he one day said, one of his love that when millennials think about socialism, they think about college and healthcare, because they think. Because that word is being used in the battle between Republicans Democrats Republicans call Democrats socialists and Democrats, don't really defend themselves awards. Right. Because the words are popular popular? You know, I'm a capitalist. And what did you say about that, too, drew that people don't understand markets and capitalism works? I've seen my kids, my kids came out of these super high end very elite institutions, where they were brainwashed and I had to re introduce them to the world. Like, how do you make money? How do you invest? How does this work? Have money make Josh right? And, and they're getting it fast. But they had been like it's a literacy financially. I also think it's, it's, it's bread into the American culture to where that's not gonna work if you'd literally went right now we stepped out, and there was two kids on the corner selling lemonade for quarter. And when they got done working, okay? Listen, you have to give half of it's the kid next door who didn't do anything. They're gonna it's wrong. It's not fair is out here working for five hours is so I socialism by would never work. Plus, we have a free press a oppress that so free that they don't have to rely on. Facts anymore. That's just social socialism would never get off the ground because once the tragedy start. Yeah. When the reality over the head of people. Oh, yeah. People are gonna talk about it, and there's too many foot phones, and stuff like that. It's just yeah, I was listening to produce this morning about global warming. And I realized that everything I knew was wrong, because I got it from the press, and it was it and, you know, who's tried to set me straight on that with the famous cosmologists the Neil degrassi, degrassi. He he was a guest on Adam Andrew show once, and he said, he goes, oh, no, no this we've talked way, more difficult problems than than climate change. We will develop some sort of humans will come up with a plan, but we'll actually he said, we will actually be able to determine what we want the planet. You said it there, and it's no problem. We just had to get on it. And this sort of all these ideas, how to do this guy was going over all that and saying that even if we stopped fossil fuels entirely today, who have very little effect on this global, it's also we have to the thing with climate change. And I'm I'm a nature nut. I if I if I had my way I'd be on a boat. Doc somewhere watching some bird. Or try to catch a dolphin or whatever. But we have to understand with advancements. We're going to lose things. Yeah. And sometimes it's painful polar bears are defined, but they don't joy eighteen sixty. But that's the that's the arc that was the shock like what they went from twenty four we convinced that picture of the polar bear on a floating little piece of ice. It's like it would be like literally finding one we did less polar bear. That's what we need to do. Exactly. There's a person starving and you take a picture of that person. That's an American. Right. You know. But the idea the turtle with the with the straw is, no, it's like the one turtle with the straw. Now we ban stalls and well you know what? I recently did a study. I'll call it a study. I try we on a daily briefing Dana Perino. We tried pasta straws, and I got I gotta be honest. He liked him not bad there. I think there's a place in Thailand, a grass straws to, like, bamboo pants. We got. We got strong. We've got work drawing. It soggy we got straws to I, I hate. California. We're good on that, but the runoff from the homeless killed thousands of marine, and mammals. So dolphins Lucy lines are gone now. So we're going to have somebody from the rescue of the Dalton rescue organization to explain to me, why they're not doing something about that because we got the straws one turtle safe. All the marine mammals are dead because we would sanitation is so horrible in the city and to be honest, sea turtles a really tough. Let's say austral listen you.

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