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Humbling being around people. You know very well but admire greatly. I am thrilled. I get to talk to viola today. It's really hard being an actor and interviewing you. Because all i really wanted to be doing. It's like sitting in an empty theater asking you questions. And then getting to guns of de scenes walk you move your your most recent beautiful lorraine is black bottom twice now and i don't know where to start i don't know about you and i don't know where to start about chadwick boseman and that's not even talking about the supporting character who a role in their own movies. That are exclusive. I'm telling you. I'm gonna get my baseball bat and all common stars swinging around if you good either way to t- because you don plenty of that i'm going to stick to these questions first question. What relationship real or fictionalized defines love or mercy. Oh i know shadowlands. Fat film is about redemption. And the idea that love is not the absence of pain and with with so conditioned to believe that that. It's supposed to be the absence of pain that it's meant to be joy and happiness in this. It redeems. love redeems does reading. And it's not based in mystery a friend of mine at her wedding. She said something absolutely beautiful with her vows. She told her then she said i promise to love you exactly as god made you and i think that that's i mean i watch my mom. Sit by my dad's day bid when he was dying pancreatic cancer and he would he would just scream her name every two seconds may- alice malice balas and she would say dad. I'm right here. It say oh oh and then shoot. Hold him and for me that that's it. I've been with my husband twenty one years and all those things that probably are not in the sexy romantic comedies. All the things that i value someone who's gonna be there when you sake someone who literally yunos good. Hold your hand when you're going someone who like i said just simply loves you. I mean my mom and dad together for forty eight years and at the end of his life. It became her telling him to go. There is something for me in terms of the kind of love. I have now from my husband. It's not about hence sealer and tight ebbs and you deserve what question which you must like onset. Oh man i'll tell you that right now. Why are we so cruel to each other. I please answer that question to me. Why are we so dishes if you would ask anyone. What's the most vicious animal in the world. I mean they probably swift say the black mamba over you know a female lion an adult the two legged variety the depths to which we are cruel. And here's the thing. The thing that is really really really interesting is were cruel and we know how hard life is we know the road and even after knowing the road we go back and the level of judgment how we saw the don't protect each other how we think of killing someone will make us feel better. I mean i don't know. There's no measure of cruelty men towards women black towards white. And i think there's a human answer to genuinely the closest i ever came to understanding at. Was this extraordinary. Geneticist called michael winston. Who was of the team who isolated the gene initially and we were saying backstage going on a english talk show. It was years ago. The iraq war was happening And i was talking about just the share loss of innocent life and he said he's a christian a devout christian and he has also you know this extraordinary scientists and he said. I've always felt the nexus of my spirituality and science comes in truly understanding that you in the universe and scientifically you literally cannot have one without the other each thing has its counterpart nine day good and evil and he said however simplistic it sounds. It is part of this this order. We experience it so harshly. We also experienced joy so profoundly as human beings but our cruelty to each other. I don't. I don't think we understand it or measure in human terms. Because i think it's it's an energetic. Its energy that was set in motion by god source energy. Whatever you want to and and so it is and so. They're always to to everything i mean. That's the only way i could ever. That was the closest. I got my head to get around it. Being a theater geek. I remember the one thing. I was taught that stayed in my head was the divine right of kings. The hierarchy to which people feel like they're born and the whole idea is to be in a position in in terms of status as high as possible. Because then the only one you're answering to is god. You're basically dancing with god and everyone else's beneath you when men make sense of their own existence there is something about status. I always say the bumper sticker in the eighties. It was on the back of everyone's car that said he who dies with the most toys wins. The ego is that what is is it is ego. it's. I don't know who i am unless i have my foot on someone else's neck status is your social standing above another person to gives you meaning and value. It's a powerful. It's a caste system. But i agree with you. I think it defies understanding. I always say. I wonder what the caveman thought. That caveman who didn't have a computer couldn't speak didn't have any clothes he's standing there. He's looking at the ocean. He's looking at the sky. what is he thinking. How is he making food stamps or where. He's or. how can run away from the tailgate. That's.

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