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Cloudy and warmer tomorrow highs near seventy seven atlanta's most accurate and dependable forecast is coming up at a camp county school district teacher has been taken into custody charged with killing a brother and a sister and a deadly shooting in a home in jonesboro back in twenty sixteen twenty six year old michael the shaun white is been removed from two cabs tony elementary school until an investigation is complete he has taught fifth grade at that school since august union city fear you leaders residents rather furious that truck drivers have illegally dumped twelve thousand tires in their subdivision if there was a fire here in the woods how dangerous this would take us an extended amount of time to extinguish lieutenant dennis more with the union city fire department hoping to get the piles and piles of huge black truck tires out of here as soon as possible because they pose a huge hazardous said i saw ricky sewell head of the neighborhood watch tells me homes here in the south wind subdivision co for two hundred to five hundred thousand dollars he's furious i think that it's a health issue it's a hazardous materials issue in union city robin will lansky wsb cook county students who walked out of walton high school serving a one day suspension today while parents and a civil rights group continued to question how the district handled the protests against gun violence wendy alexander mother protesting her daughters punishment most of the state of georgia or the metro atlanta area they all allowed the kids to express their personal feelings about this and this a student led moment and cobb county is not allowing that to happen more than two hundred and sixty walton students walked out on march fourteenth and south korean chinese media have confirmed that north korean leader kim jong un has visited china and visited it's president wsb news.

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