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Out or wherever you get your podcasts five that way you know now it's like wait it's like there are what it'd smell like initially you go to a gym that gives out towels and there's a little basket that you throw your use talent to your you white your sweater you why quicken or whatever you thought that's how dive head first weekdays at ten AM KFI good morning on a on Friday November twenty to bill Handel here and got plenty of stuff to I talk about today that was on thank goodness near call in LA acts of Philippine airlines flight taking off to Manila engine blew up I was able to come back and land downhole great news and then we have some weather news about thanksgiving it's gonna suck you're on the road is gonna suck if you're at the airport is gonna suck thank you very much all right now all the other story that we are all following something it's been around for a few days and that he is on the untraceable ghost guns I just became a big story because yesterday sheriff's homicide detectives confirmed that the weapon used in the shooting in Saugus high on November fourteenth was a ghost guide his mom drop them off at campus site Nathan Burr house sixteen years old pulls this forty five caliber pistol from his backpack and opens fire in the choir killing two students wounding another three and then killing himself and here's what the detectives don't know how to burn how get the gun now there were up numerous weapons belonging to his dad who died two years before and they were seized from the home and some of them were on registered and we talk I mean clearly came from the house but were they locked up did his mom and not have a gun safe for the just made available to him in here is the problem whether he found the gun at home or he blocked the parts himself and made the gun this is exactly what law enforcement officers across the nation want to avoid full who can put together guns and there goes guns there's no serial number they're untraceable and you simply by the parts on the internet and I'm not talking about buying this reports we are actually physically truly putting a zillion parts together like a puzzle oh no no no it gets really easy no I'm not a gun person so I went to a friend of mine who knows guns I don't wanna I don't want to mention names to be fair John Thomas and he explained to me how easy this actually is you can buy partner Frank you can buy an entire gun and the only thing that's missing is the trigger mechanism and it's one piece of metal of which they'll sell you and then you have a template and then you you go to home depot well one of these rental yards and just rent a piece of equipment for twenty Bucks for the day you mail out that part of the plan just put it right there on it this site template put it in there and you've got yourself and they are fifteen you have yourself a semi automatic weapon that no one can ever trace and authorities are going old man what a loophole in the law in August a convicted felon had a ghost they are fifteen member the I. Andre Morier junior CHP officer case where arrive during a shoot out following a traffic stop that was an unregistered A. R. fifteen twenty thirteen all right we follow this one twenty three year old Johns well Hari killed five people at Santa Monica college using an unregistered ghost A. R. fifteen also in a K. forty seven happen to have one of those two so here's the other thing that's happening is the a TF alcohol tobacco firearms the bureau is seeing in southern California a major increase in gangs using these weapons putting them together because a lot of gang members horror when you called felons and they wouldn't be able to get these or be much more difficult to get a gun legally so are they gonna internet and by the parts put it together and it's that easy it's some it's a tough call to loophole that a lot of officers want to close up of course there are some opposition because it is that what you think it comes from everything that you try to restrict is a not getting in the way of the second amendment of course hi it's I just I don't understand them I'm not a good person so I just don't get it as I said before I cannot wrap my head around it this obsession that we have with guns truly I don't understand it all right all let's go to cal state and there is a math proposal that is asking for an additional year for high school students to take hard math sciences and you've got people going that's not fair to minorities another very for minorities and are there some stats and both sides are using the stats same stats all share that story with you this is I can't find let's check in with Jennifer a train on Metrolinx Orange County line is crashed into a motor home on the tracks officials say none of the passengers on the train this morning were hurt in crash burned up the motor home and also burned some cargo on a nearby freight train naturally C. E. L. and the ninety one lines and natural X. O. C. and ninety one lines are close between the Winter Park and Norwalk Santa Fe springs stations news is brought to you by Dennis still in R. V. the state's presidential primaries will have to go on without the tax man California Supreme Court rejected a law requiring presidential candidates to release their tax returns the court said yesterday the law went against inclusive and open primaries governor Newsome signed the law in July I think this law is an appropriate line of California's leading the nation in transparency and appropriate financial disclosure he said at the time the law was not just about president trump the law would have required five years of returns and rolling back KFI news the Orange County sheriff says claims that shackles prevent inmates from defending themselves in court are exaggerated shaft on Barnes says the waste restraints prevent assaults they have been able to do everything that the public defender is accusing us of not allowing them to do they still can eat they can still use the restroom they can do everything what they can't do is they can't throw punches public defenders claim people were being captain changed twelve to fourteen hours and able to perform necessary functions Barnes has appealed a judge's decision to ban the waste restraints during court proceedings Tesla has unveiled its own new electric pick up the line must unveiled the cyber dragon's as the truck is ready to go on and off road restaurants hikes.

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