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Look, if you, I bet you tiny Archibald argue he was. But if you asked if US like random fans, name is many MVP's as you can write many guys who wanted an MVP as you can. I bet like one percent would named accounts and they're all from Boston. It's probably too, but tiny. I'm trying to think there's, I'm sure there's others. I just can't think of them. I mean so many, the half the MVP's have been won by like four dudes, right Brown. Michael Korean magic is there are not that many Carmello and got his one. They'll Simmons still blaming me for that blames you does this big thing about how it was calling along. I was working at Sports Illustrated. I, you know, what do you want from me anyway, look, this is Michael made that one, right? This is too much. When does dance documentary come on October, October and wealth. So it is according to the press release. It is available tomorrow on the I think ESPN plus what a great. What grade timing that true? Yeah, it should be available tomorrow and then it's running in over the weekend. So the late last week in September. It runs on one of the ESPN channels in two ten hour blocks like on Saturday, Sunday. And then in October, I think Tober seventh is the prime time debut who are really on the bowl. He and I don't remember. October sevens as a prime time debut. And that's when it'll be four hours of peace in that weekly on or every Tuesday or one one particular night. It's either Tuesday or Thursday. They're going to run an how so five, straight weeks, four hours in a row. The documentary is going to be incredible. It is. He's, he's brilliant. Dan's brilliant and this was his baby and we just, we saw the documentary is going to be brilliant. Okay. But there are some people who are just going to either going to jump in and out or I'm just, how am I watch twenty hours of anything or some people just prefer books to this book. I just can't congratulate you enough because it would have been very easy. I think for this not to work like just pick the wrong material or it's ordered wrong, or it doesn't flow writers too much of the book. I literally just sat on my wife's porch in Croatia and just, oh, I just woke. I look up. I just read a hundred pages like it. Just it just flew by. It's called basketball, love story, just like the movie. If you like basketball you, you just have to get the bug. It's not. Choice. It's like going to be one of the definitive books about basketball and you have to buy it. That's it. That's very kind of us AC, appreciate it. I mean, well, good work is good work. It's it's really good. 'cause so congratulations. I hope you guys enjoy fun. We had fun plus we did not know each other. I got two great friend. I have this new great friend. I think he wins in that equation. I think he's luckier. I think so. We'll see. He's a young guy. He's got a lot. There's a lot more happening. I think x Ray. So thank you guys, basketball, love story. It's tremendous rate Bartholomew Jackie MacMullan you guys are awesome. Thanks for coming on. Thanks for having..

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