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Album called channels you've got nonprofit that you're working on the documentary you know and all the spare time that you don't have really you've got a letter right i'm on and off for right now so okay yeah so if anyone wants to reach me i'm pretty easy you could type in my name to google and you'll find me but social media infinite third spelled out t h i r d at infinite third on instagram and twitter i'm available on their infant third dot com you can see everything you need to know including tour dates and yeah i mean i feel like i'm pretty easy to find my my music my new album and a bunch of even the first album that i mentioned gently they're all on spotify and apple and all the other platforms if you wanna check them out yet remember yours dreaming dot com is another one yeah remember right yeah exactly remember you are chaining dot com is another website to check out and yes listeners you can find him anywhere and you want to find him meaning you know i'm really enjoy knowing that i've really enjoyed sitting with your music and and felony around in so glad you're out there i don't know how you have the time to be out there doing everything that you're doing but i think this softening expanding apparently you're expanding to reach the whole country yeah i mean it's not about time it's like i can waste as much time as i want and the only thing that really gets anything done is effortless sort of relaxed actions so it's really just taking the time to to relax myself enough to be able to get something done and then it all gets done very quickly and hughes right like an seen on that.

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