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Way they're not as Barney naval it's time for another addition emissions own. I'm your host breaking fingerhut. Gingrich the big guy with a Harry. Let's get Rod Rockin denied. Our guest is a legend in mix and rob the former lead singer of the legendary frigging booger Ronnie Sherani runners. Who say well you look pretty different? All dressed in black with that laptop had also. You're not running runners honors. He went to be with Donna. Okay well who do we have the pleasure speaking went tonight sir. Ms Be Awful Moga. You may call me Theo Okay Vale. Well it's good to meet you so let me ask. Did you used to be running. Run awards inhabited this body years. But he departed great bay on. He belongs outrageous right so tell us a little bit about self hours. Eighteen border eighteen. Sixty expe- four in the northern aggression. You call it. The civil war does not dumb name. So if I've got this is right. You look like Ronnie because you used to be Ronnie a dead and now you're here you're dead to. Can you help me out a little. The more of Rana was a law. Soul wants his wearing. It'd been cruelly ripped from his flesh. He wandered in darkness and despair. You may have seen him share my did who is at the dazzle dudes Christmas show. He's covered in dried. Gets the blood. Uh All all little dire okay so then what happened. Roller couldn't turn your stumbled through cold. Who ooh grew world one night? The cemetery cemetery on the east side of state road. Twenty one aw learn lay him. Dial on old grey Karachi. Here's Ole ry of Hello Whiskey. Mala George Menaul net probably was he a black cow wondering if his job mid coma. Aw as well upon the day on the edge where he lady must've been hard to read it upside down in the dark. Like I bet you flip over nearly saw the name to`sell old master stone. Do you know what name was high hazard. A guess at this was the T.. Booker Migrate here. LAYABOUT GATT GAT. Something was learned letting new free he can leave his earthly. Shell join US brother. Little Donna. Integrate be okay on Oh offers spirit. Blew into eighty sky as I rose up through the ground and took my place here. Aw All my body at now I have begun my new mission to bring the music those room. Music basic through the dirt serve message so what you GONNA play civil war search. No of course not mine will be a music. Such the world has never heard the music of under Bugaboo Afghanistani. At Ronnie's band was called frigging bugger and and in your last name is Bogor Ed who sprayed and it smelled completely different. It's B. U. G. E. R.. Family came from France if I remember Burma High School French. Wouldn't that be pronounced. More like blue-jay Bura we thank you for joining US tonight. It's certainly been one of the most interested interesting interviews I've done in a while. I'm sure we're all looking forward to hearing the music of Theophilus Dana Boettger band do across oceans of take time to be here. You have say the phones lit up but we've only got time for one call. You WanNa take a low color your own with Camin. I'm sorry you're on with the St. Bugger goofy stupid mother. You're foolish. Back in freaking Bugger Duggar and now you're even more foolish. You better not catch you out on the street leads all got. Thank you for listening to Mixing Dome Hiba. He bought rockin.

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