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Everybody thinks for hanging out with the band's going to be together all week yeah we don't have any vacations inside it we're here soon yeah couple weeks but Jessica Simpson's a no holds barred memoir comes out today applique today it's called open park and we've got the rest of her sit down interview the only thing I've seen her on I know she's in New York today looking like elle woods dressed head to toe in the most amazing pink trench coat and paying classes and pants and a French folk has a has a felt full for all hot pink I mean I learned so she the whole family on the book tour together but I'll always senior on his Kimmel and then hold a a they aired the today show the rest of the interview and she talks about and I remember when this happened because it was like maybe two thousand ten I think they'll say in the piece but it was Jessica Simpson singing at a chili cook off wearing a pair of mom jeans with a double belted a leopard yeah and the mom jeans are at their universally and flattering I know people like to wear more whatever but the in you too will look back on a picture in your all crap I mean could you have to be first I remember that picture when it came out Lori more like all my gosh what happened to her yeah in so she devotes a chapter in the bar called death by mom jeans here she is in two thousand nine she was dating Tony Romo who played for the Dallas Cowboys at the time she said she was feeling confident when she took the stage at a chili cook off in South Carolina then came the photos this picture that circulated and went on worldwide broke my heart like the what not the picture necessarily but the caption like all the captions and this is vital like I was like wait a second what I'm so confused she called that chapter in our book death by mom jeans and says she was a size four when those photos were taken when your first thoughts though you felt bad for Tony she was dating time though it's I think that that comes from other relationships Tony never made me feel that way am I always felt confident when I was with Tony I was taken down by the world when something like that happened the drinking increase yeah I mean I definitely would drink I'm like I need to when you hear somebody say that they need to that's not a good sign and then they showed the photo of her and really it is just the on holiday Lateran angle from below the stage of the stage and of mom jeans and the double we SIAC bailed which just accentuates the bad cut of a high waisted mom gene that probably you know they were Jessica Simpson Jean grey weren't you know like some like I always feel like is sometimes when people wear like in that like I sure were nice high waisted pants those pants are probably custom made for him when he was doing its prince tribute yeah yeah I Grammys no because he was kind that has thickened up a little bit Cheryl and it is a good disguise so anyway then she but there's also a story before we get to the next audio card where each of someone excerpted rate before her divorce with Nick cliche in two thousand six she had watched this MTV documentary about the making of the chaise album called what's left of me which detailed their breakup in two thousand five in its two thousand and six okay and it's making the video the song insert Vanessa was the Vanessa whatever name was before she was sure Shay he said I just want to know what he thought of me because I had no idea I watched him first tray himself as a victim and I knew we did this to hurt me she said but she felt like she was responsible for him for breaking down in this video so she called them and asked them to come to our house he rang the bell she hugged arm she meant it despite her anger she missed some they listen to is news album all the songs are about her she said I didn't know any other way to make it better so I slept with them she felt no connection and he didn't stay the night I was relieved because I could feel his hate when he walked out the door I knew I'd never see him again all this is very good honest my how stuff to talk about because it's a common thing that'll happen once you've already broken up moved out you know you will have so let's make sure this is rain what we worry you know kind of sex to figure it all out now here she was taking a look about her relationship with John Moore John Mayer and how complicated it was her marriage to Nicole Shea fills up a portion of our book but she also gives a lot of ink to another man she loved and in pops a guy named John Mayer the the the net won't like to read this book and he's no doubt I there's stories in here that John knows I he might be shocked that I reveal John Mayer who has been linked to Katy Perry and Jennifer Aniston stole Jessica's heart and she says broke it over and over again we were great it intimacy we were great at loving each other that was easy like but the relationship was very complex and it was always on again off again and I went back close to nine times and one of the days he broke up daily Hyundai center honor yes it was the Kennedy center honors and he broke up with me is our third break up or something it was right before I was going to do this huge thing it was two thousand six and Jessica was set to perform nine to five to honor her idol Dolly Parton in the audience President Bush and a room full of dignitaries I drank before I went on stage that is not jons fault I'm the one that train is stopped.

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