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Any place in Evanston that's why we're going to see you there at the farmhouse grow eight two seven four this is fired up this would be talking about how all you guys have taken out all this credit card debt and car loan debt you're **** everything up we're gonna have thought about that they were gonna have the financial crisis all over again but you know we we never get the same recession recession twice it's always different can the one thing I will notice about what's going on today that consumer spending is really really picked up in consumer debt has really really picked up not really with mortgages people have learned their lesson there but there they're making mistakes in other places they're making mistakes with credit cards to make mistakes of car loans and student loans pretty much everything except mortgages everything except mortgages is bad and it could be just as bad the next time around consumer spending is the primary engine of GDP and if you you know if you're an economist and you look at the Keynesian equation for G. P. it's C. plus I plus de plus an axe equals GDP and consumer spending accounts for most of it cell the consumer has added on lots and lots and lots of death and I hope that you were not heading on lots and lots and lots of that I am not I am not going.

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