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One we love law enforcement first responders here dollars works for the cattle tale you know I could do their job there's a reason I'm not a cop because there is a Superbowl tomorrow so you know you're talking you're friends nine yarn officer make sure you Tellem a chill out tomorrow have a DD has to have a designated driver because they have to do their job all right we force these officers to no longer be nice and give you a ride home let's see Kara road you know because the idiots of ruined it for everyone okay and in that these four officers have cameras on now and they can no longer let you go because you've got these do gooders online watching all these movies all these videos of why'd you let Tommy go and not Bobby I draw the line now justice be human they're humans of officers are human beings are not robots in the you know it I always go back to a state trooper story with the where he picked up the Jeff officer Jeff Shane and fake news there by took him out because he that saw those two young men walk up the freeway game arrive about Pat down they had a gun on him they dropped them off we've tried to give money for gas trying to help him out later on shot someone stole the guy's car so the blame the officer for these two idiots the officers always get blamed for the idiots and I don't get it there's eighty it's out there officers are idiots idiots are out there anyway but I will say this tattle tale make sure you go to tell tell dot com make sure you got one hundred tell on you and make sure if you have a school and you want to protect those children to get their new system at all every teacher can have a fob around their neck as a bad guy comes in there because bad guys with guns do bad things good guys with guns do good things but the bad guy comes in at school that off and that teacher hits a button that that officer on duty will know where to go take the back I'll see her tomorrow kids so go ahead telltale dot com Steve's been busy doing some housekeeping here right now because we have guests coming in Steve did you ever consider a career in law enforcement because I know you thought about being a coach and a teacher to ever think about getting the law enforcement no okay pleaded no never never I couldn't do it would you be a teacher today if you could I don't know I I can do that job I don't know because I know you wanted to coach football right now I want to be a football coach in history teacher levels and was one where I was headed to and things just could do no direction well it's worked out pretty good yeah I think so yeah I mean you never know in college I was you know I want to be a history teacher football coach so cool way when when a teacher called Mister Jermaine and Stevie was acting up did he say why are you picking once the reset I'm way look at what you acted out still you know germane as in you acted up in school teacher called your dad and told him where your mom whoever was the I never had a call like that you never not obligated I got a lot of yeah if you guys never had a teacher paddle me right we use would yet this is data grab your ankles images have I'm sure but go head yeah they did yeah calling yourself a pattern when I got home now you get better when you know you've never been paddled Randy know how much money yet no I've never been paddled and never had a teacher called the house or anything like that and then would you let me cheat off your paper in school pants what are you offer me in a in a Dodge and I would like to get picked on the playground I was I already had during merited doing that for me okay coke Gerry wanted to talk to your paper with Hillary I probably get like ten on Reinhardt Gerry was always has one you know it's kind of like my body guard you know the movie somebody would come up to me and start talking something here you go even your time were you as I got out as lights or use gimp no I was not okay as well but anyway with that being said let's go back to phone lines go to Carl in line to Carl how do you greet us today yes I greet you by say good morning how are you guys doing no yes let's go to Carl Carl how's it going okay well short course no Hey like the phones the reverse mortgage although it starts out like that out yeah there you go he's in jail what Carol.

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