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If he meant this much to you but one of the very hilarious scenes in a force of one. Now when this one i starts rather underwhelming title sequence. I was texting. Jeff said oh. My god like this. There's a basically tracking shot of a couple of neural. Well cops who are following a kid on a skateboard who. They're who they think is part of the major drug syndicate and i don't know even know if this was played for laughs but when i think of major drug player i don't think if someone who's Got a tony hawk. Type approach to the illicit behavior. I think someone a little more bad aspen. There's there's several scenes which speak to the very pg nature of this Production where you have some of the costs going undercover wearing sombreros and trying to infiltrate to gang chomping on burritos and some such thing is really inane. quite ridiculous. another practitioner caught. My eye would be bill. Wallace whose chuck norris's chief antagonist. Who's of kickboxing champion. And she goes by the name sparks and he fans martial arts would probably know him because he provided color commentary for the very first you have event which takes us back to oh and must have been early nineties maybe When that was new was still a time. When you couldn't sanction Ultimate fighting events in places other than maybe indian reserves or something because it was seen as a human cockfighting to some extent it still is and only came to prominence. I guess lobbyists would lean on the likes of john mccain. who was a the now deceased senator from arizona. Who was a very involved in boxing. And they're trying to convince convinced mccain that The the injuries were far less severe than would be experienced as a professional boxer. So this but this was at a time when the ufc was experimenting with different ways of to see what's guess martial arts reigns supreme and you'd have a boxer pit against. Let's say a wrestler something and they'd be wearing completely different gear whether trunks conventional trunks mike tyson or or d and they'd be in different weight classes to which is added a level of absurdity. Although there were times. When i do jitsu practitioner would best an opponent to one hundred and fifty pounds North of him but pit fighting once again just a sheer far way to inject a bunch of action into a well action movie and this one is no exception. Because you have the opening sequences. The bill wallace character sparks laying waste to a bunch of combatants and a very very well attended a pit fighting circuit. Seems to have been quite a moneymaker for the local region and there's thousands of people in attendance and lots of spinning back kicks and know some incredible spinning back fists and uppercuts and really really really good in ring martial arts not so much when it comes to the antagonised tacking cops but no doubt there are some really amazing asking to be had us going to be a little bit shorter podcast in the normally do but might second segue into what we learned here. Kluger god love hilarious actor. Lieutenant in this film seemed a little only clue less side. He seemed somewhat medicated. And very very hammy hamming it up but you had to have these kind of a established character. Actors draw the proceedings. He hasn't Rather good jennifer..

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