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And then you get loaded up on a takes you about ten of those motherfuckers to get a buzz. And then by the time you count up your sugar calories and all that other horse shit. I don't wanna have all your drinks. So that's why make these motherfuckers like I do that makes this you teddy because I'm gonna alcohol what I am drinking. Remember, I swore off drinking forever. A couple of months ago onto podcast, and I am back on the fucking alcohol. Are you a snobby as I am or you as picky as I am. Absolutely. I mean, I can't stand the way that restaurants or bars. Make a Jack and coke. I'll get a double in short glass. And then get a get a shot of Jack off on the side. You know, and take a couple of polls off of you know, my short class and then dump you know, dumping shot in there. You know, just to stiffen it up. You know, I don't measure my Jack. I do I've got to count method. That's that's you know. Oh, I got that too. I was fucking around because I was heading in his podcast I needed. I wanted to like, okay. What is the premier ballots here? Just just for fucking shits and giggles. And maybe I'm the only one Shipman giggling about it. But that's all it matters to me. Well, did you know, you know, I make talk those? I mean. I made I made one or two for you down there at the ranch. But yeah, I mean, I. They're they're plenty Steph and don't normally man, I'm just I'm just born Jack on top of them rocks. And we just add indigo accordingly but just for scientific methods and just to give somebody a little bit of heads up. Because my thing is I like to educate people on the podcast teddy. There's a lot of podcasts out there that helped motherfuckers out, mentally they'll motivate them. They'll do this former that I'll tell motherfucker scary battery cables to to Kim to carry a fucking You're the the steps. steadily a pocket knife for stuff you're gonna need when you break down. So I'm just trying to trying to tell a brother how to make it got damn short drink mega stiff get you a little buzz and no fucking ripped off. I just happened to know good from bad. And so when you roll up at one of these God damn shitty clubs or they. Sorry. It's restaurants. And they got that bullshit. You know, set up fucking you fucking ten times over on drinks because that's where they make most money. I just no good from bad. Oh, absolutely. And I ain't trying to be stuck up about it. Fuck and yeah, you get an ass began. But I'm pretty fucking hot about it. It. There's one thing Cates. Dan, get fucked over on a drink when I go to a God damn bar. See dude bourbon does exact opposite to me, man. I'm in I'm pretty chill anyway. But you know, I just have a few drinks and sit back, and, you know, dude, I'm lazy. I don't wanna get up and make that many drinks. So I try to accomplish the task, and you know, two or three stiff ones oh fuck out took a couple of headers out there, bro school, right? Right. I think those only two to three bumps I've ever taken was drinking with you. My my B C had been higher than you. Because there's no way there's no way that I could have taken a tumble, and you never fell down. Once you say bagging me US House over drinking half the fucking Bal. You've probably drinking and fucking virgin cokes over dude. Do you? Remember, the time early on when you and I were standing out on the porch staying warm with the buck and barbecue because we're too stupid to go inside and get jackets on we have the barbecue going and drinking. I was drinking Jack your drink and crown and you went to make a mixie, and you know, outside we had the cooler right there. And if you didn't go ask over elbow down to the ground through your drink. Do just quick rolled over got up. Didn't didn't bat an eye made another drink came back over the barbecue. Like nothing happened and the people inside come running out because I thought the raccoons around the garbage can..

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