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Go it's not true she hopped on twitter earlier this morning and said sorry but nothing about you guys fan fiction stories are true i still love you though sean then re tweeted that and word on the street was that shawna nicole were extra cozy during this oscars after party last weekend they were sitting at a table in vip area and people who were there no cameras were allowed that people who are inside this party said they very much look like they had hung out together before they looked like a couple and not too long after that alleged hang out dna on followed big sean on instagram so of course people freak out when that happens today i don't know i and i haven't checked this morning to see if she revalued him but she said in another tweet should do hours ago the internet is a wild place it's a whole other reality bless the internet how long it was between the unfiled the following all those details cameron diaz is not retiring from acting in a recent interview her friend actress selma blair said i had lunch with cameron the other day we were reminiscing about the film was talking about the sweetest thing i would have liked to do a sequel but cameron's retiring from acting she's like i'm cameron diaz vans freaked out over the fact that she would rather spend time at home with her hubby benji madden then continue her career in hollywood will after that interview selma cleared up her comment tweeting guys please i was making a joke and an interview cameron diaz is not retiring from anything and for more breaking news i am now retiring from being cameron diaz his spokesperson charlie poof says ladies he is looking to wife up anybody interested are you single yeah i'm i'm saying no i'm saying i'm ready to find my wife that's why i'm ready to find any a companion man we're going to travel around the world with me and taylor swift getting a lot of support from fans after releasing her delicate music video during the iheartradio music awards on sunday night but there are some people that are slamming her for this cleaning steve ripped off of kenzo's two thousand sixteen fragrance ad in which this girl in a green dress is frantically dancing her way through a hotel and i have to tell you the videos are up on the dirty page at mojo in the morning dot com this kenzo ad which.

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