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We say no to answering. Questions Sanders said the White House is working very hard to prevent any Russian interference in this year's midterm, elections following arrest in a thirty day Indiana cold-case questions over whether the man in custody may have been involved in another high, profile unsolved case as prosecutors prepared a formerly charged Jon d Miller for the nineteen eighty eight murder of. Eight-year-old April Tinsley questioned swirl around. Weather Miller may have been involved in other crimes. Prosecutor Karen Richards would not answer questions about Miller or the. Investigation I cannot discuss. This Case in any detail at all I'm sorry Indiana state police sergeant Kim Riley who's currently working on the unsolved murders of two girls found dead. On a hiking trail in Delphi Indiana last year confirming to ABC. News they are in discussions with Fort Wayne investigators involved in, the Tinsley case to this point no arrests have been. Made, in the, murders, of Abby, Williams and Libby German Ryan. Burrow ABC news and this just in Louisville police have made, an, arrest in the hit and. Run death of a woman, on Shelbyville road, last week, Taylor Saturday. Is in custody jadwin Myers was writing was. Found dead along Shelbyville. Road near Hala golf, club last week we'll have more on that for the twelve. Boys who were trapped in a cave in Thailand for more than two weeks are out of the hospital, the youth soccer team and their coach held a press conference today they sat with a tiny baby seals who helped rescue them, speaking through a translator one of the seals talked about trying to figure out how to get the boys. Out of the cave because those. Diva's who come in was so difficult we could. Not believe that with go out the same way with so. I thought that first Means. To do would be to through a whole from the mountain down doctors say they are. All in good shape both physically and mentally and looking forward to getting back, to their, normal lives. A Professional Golf Association tournament, makes its way to Kentucky will Clark reports for the first time since nineteen Ninety-seven Lexington is..

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