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Oaks. Which is fifty points to the Kentucky? That's five weeks out from that race or four weeks and six days Everything just seems to place itself. Lend itself to these other races yet. Comes back to mom park for the tradition that we have. I mean technically Mama folks predates that Kentucky Oaks That I've been for us to have points. I mean it's a whole new ballgame. We switched the Haskell from invitation to a stakes this year I mean the thought process there is. I mean we used to be able to control the quality by inviting the top horses to compete. Now you're not sure who the top courses coming out of the triple crown. Races are going to be so Not Knowing for certain where the Belmont will I mean? I've heard the rumors and I don't unless I missed it. I didn't see a date. Certain yet but it's just. It's a totally different year in a different calendar. And we're just trying to be proactive and stay with it and say on top of it to be able to produce what weekend for the The FANS OF JERSEY SHORE. Whether they're here or they're betting elsewhere. John Heinz with for mom were paying tribute to John. Mazza and Simultaneously taking couple minutes talk about the upcoming mom season which starts July Third Wendy's When denominations close for the early portion and particularly for Haskell Day it's going to be July twenty sixth haskell itself And if you nominate to the high school it's the free nomination to the Pegasus And also the all I mean. We shouldn't forget that Breeders Cup winning. You're in so I mean that's always been a huge plus as well. I mean you win that Race Pasta. Get into the classic is quite substantial so the free ticket to ride in that race is worth quite a bit of money so throwing the million dollar purse the Derby points the winning. You're into the Breeders Cup. I mean there's a lot of them. Allied in so June June twenty-sixth June twenty. Six Twenty eight July twenty-six. Well because this this probably well worth reminding a couple of different times as we get closer and as we get into June because as you mentioned the invitationals segment horsemen. That typically have three year olds. they you know they. They they aren't used to nominating to the Haskell But the rest of that car to I'm sure a lot of Shit there's a lot of overlap you know when it comes to the molly pitcher and the matchmaker and the UN is you mentioned all the other stakes that will be on the day and you know we should also mention John. The million dollars the fact that talk about the negotiation or the the discussion the to keep it at a million dollars. Because a lot of places of coercive have pared down their their purse structure for their leaving for their elite stakes. Yeah I think a lot of them. I mean they're persons are more dependent on casino. Fueled MONEY NEW JERSEY. Doesn't have that benefit we. We have been fortunate that the The governor and the legislature approved a supplement for racing in New Jersey. But it's not to the tune of a Pennsylvania.

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