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I say potential because John still has to be licensed by Nevada State Athletic commission. But that's the fight. They're trying to put together he says, I think it's goddamn mazing. All these people are suing that if me and John Jones fight he's gonna get me out of there in one round. He doesn't hit any harder than whose demure and Hector Lombard. He's not any better of a wrestler for the most part of guys that I fought and he's not any better jitsu guy than all the guys. I fought he puts together better than anyone that's in the game right now. But he doesn't. Wow, me anywhere, especially the fight that just had. I wasn't impressed. And I don't mean it wasn't a fantastic performance. Because it was but I didn't watch the fight and thing I couldn't handle that. I saw guy that has holes that can be exploited as long as you attack it in the right way. What's he gonna say? Well, but it's just a killer something that he was on the the UFC tonight as a guest analyst. And he was like, what are you? What are you talking to me? John Jones, like eight don't use this as a platform to. This is my moment. Type of thing. Don't be using this as a platform to better your career type. I think something like that, you know. Show after two thirty to play the clip Chris. All right. All right. You had it ready? No, no. All right. Who said it to him? But it is. Well, John Jones entities. Who me? He's like, he's a nice guy. I don't think he was. I think he was just, you know, maybe a little nervous of being an analyst and those guys coming out of what the funk, but hey, man, I wanna see that fight. I watched that fight. I watched the fight tomorrow. I would too. I mean, he's a well rounded guy, he's fighting better. Now that he's up this week Klis and. You know, listen, this is the sport of upsets, he's got a skill set on them very much on Jones. Where do you think the problem is if you're John Jones, what do you got power coming out? And but like what what's the what is the thing that have these Smith is going to do to put John in trouble over the course of that fight if you had to well, I think it would. It would have to be on his feet. I can't see him taking him down and having his way with him. Because I think his his grappling is too strong. I could see I could see John Jones, you know, using his his wrestling than than his ground game from here on out, right hurting, a lot of people, Iran. I mean, I think that's the why take a chance when this guy's in this, you know, he's swinging with a lot of dangerous guys and he's battling. And you know, he's gonna nickname Wyan heart. I mean, you don't get that by not being a fucking. Plus it you get that writing a chicken liver. Correct. Chivvy? You know when John was out for a while. I think it was when he got suspended the first time, whatever was he I interviewed and he was talking about he was doing a lot of ju jitsu and one of his goals was to never be punched. Again, he wanted to get to the point where he was so good at his grappling gypsy that nobody could ever land another punch on him. And it's interesting you're saying that like, I think you're right. I think the wrestling and the the grappling is going to become a bigger part of his career as he goes forward. I mean heating smoke. I mean, he did. I mean, he handled the fight everywhere. It was but he really smoked you know, his Guston on the floor. I mean smoke them. They got the floor on that list when settled twenty seconds. So, you know, standing up it was still, you know, he might hurt his leg, and it will go and he's having his way. But it's not like he was put it autumn. And he got on top. It's just a matter of not even minutes. I mean, he's he's advances position and was dangerous. All how so listen, man. I think..

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