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Peel, the chief financial officer at DWS player. Good to have you with us on the program. So you've been we've talked to you before about outflows for 6 months. Now inflows is the story in this most recent quarter. Tell us what to turn that around. Yes, we pleased result report for the third quarter we have seen inflows of 7.7 billion within the third quarter. It's of course with the backdrop of a difficult market environment that we're operating in and we continue to operate in. So very much driven by cash inflows in the third quarter. We saw outflows previously, we had seen those come back almost entirely nearly 18 billion of cash inflows. But outside of that, we look very much at the diversification across the asset classes and where else we can kind of draw in that income. And in addition to cash, we've also seen inflows in alternatives with continued to see consecutively actually for each quarter in 2022 with an inflows in alternatives across real estate across liquid real assets and previously also across infrastructure. So a good result for the third quarter, we're very pleased to report that cash continues to be very volatile, we've seen that come back in the third quarter, but really consecutively we're seeing strong inflows from alternatives as well. And that's what we very mindful of because that's very supportive, of course, in our management fee margin and in supporting revenues. Here, more conversations like this one on Bloomberg television, streaming live on Bloomberg dot com and on the Bloomberg mobile app or check your local cable listings. On October 30th, Brazilians head to the polls for a runoff vote between former president Louis in asio Lula da Silva and incumbent jair Bolsonaro. Bloomberg will be live from São Paulo as the nation decides in the future of leptin America's largest economy. Average begins Friday on Bloomberg, your global news authority. What's changed is this. A decision by the government in Beijing that that status quo was no longer acceptable that they wanted to speed up the process by which they would pursue reunification. That was secretary blinken, actually

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