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Go out and get on. Those 93.1 gave pick a live everywhere on the I Heart radio at my traffic reports, Traffic on the tens, every 10 minute. Kfbk Morning News, Kristina Matanza and Sam Shane. That's important to know traffic condition. They keep me connected. Stay connected. It's Sacramento's and news 93.1 thing, FBK. Hi. I'm Dr Andres Michael itis chief psychologist that knew where we help people both healthy habits that stick. The truth is, most diets don't work because you're unsustainable. It's a new muse is a different approach. Psychology at noon we're focused on behavior change showing you the why behind your decisions inhabits, making it easier to make changes that last get started at noon dot com slash i Heart and om com slash i heart Change your thinking. Change your habits change for good with new calling you men Can you need to get something? Gotta find yourself a place weather unit up. Whether begins something good. Roy Rogers restaurants, the steak and cheese sandwich is back. It's thin slices of beef steak, melted cheese with grilled onions on a roll alone down boys and have a Boy candy door Dashing Hubert. Seats are available at participating restaurants. Hey, there. Have you been thinking about losing weight? You know, here we are beginning of the year and all that. Everybody thinks I'm gonna lose a little weight when they hit the gym. I'm gonna go on that diet. It isn't too long into the new year. Probably about now. Suddenly you realize that ain't gonna work so good. Because your schedule and your routine is the same as it was last year. Right? So you need something to help you lose weight that actually fits into your schedule. I'm gonna tell you something. I was super skeptical when I found This sleep away fat dot com. It's college and protein. And it does not interact with any of your medicines. You sleep like a baby. No side effects, and I really didn't think it was gonna help me lose weight. Well, guess what? I was wrong. I lost Maura than £70. And I've kept it off. You can call 1888 94 Tummy talk, Patricia. In fact, Tricia's got a deal for you. Right..

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