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Puffy stuff above the same and it was oh man. I'm not crazy this you to get someone to animate that were have an actual fish speaking those words all right so yeah so one of the things they get to really experience as the sun and particularly if they live bottomfeeders right. the sun is not a big part of their life right so so let me talk about the sun. the sun is Far waited in light travel time. Eight something minutes. Yeah good good. Yeah chuck come along here so it takes five hundred seconds for the light to reach earth from the sun. Okay if i were to seconds if you do the math it's eight minutes and twenty seconds all right and it's moving at the speed of light through the vacuum of space. So that's that's kind of cool and but you know something. Earth's gravitational influence also moves at that speed so if some came along and plucked the sun from the center of our solar system. Nice we would continue to see the sun seal. The sun orbit the sun until eight minutes and twenty seconds passes. Oh and then the party is over over like you ain't never seen a party end. So what then happens is the planet's one by one will fling off into interstellar space and plunged into eternal darkness. That is a needle scratch. If i ever heard one man and so we need a. We need a sci-fi story where somebody just reaches in and plus the sun out and just watches what happened and how we are in our blissful ignorance for eight minutes and twenty seconds. you know what. That's another great short film. It's like you know it you so that and then you so like the beauty of life in real time of eight minutes and twenty seconds and only you. The viewer knows loaders. That's all going to end and by the way they can't know that any sooner than when it's too late that's that's that's the rate at which the information is coming. Yeah ooh ooh that's creepy. I love it all right. So the sun this little tidbits about the sun so maybe it might not be something you thought you knew but it might be something you glad you learned about the hell. Wow okay all right so if you hollowed out the sun okay. So now you have the volume of the sun. And then i saute played a little basketball and started tossing. Earth's into the sun do nominee earth would fit in the sun. I know the sun is huge compared to the earth views. I don't know how many earth with it take a guess. How many like ten thousand now will say thousand urge. gimme inordinate thousand earth's. I'm looking at the scale models of all the other things that i've seen of like okay. All right on the ceiling of your kids. Who did the yes planet planet. I'm.

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