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No I wasn't done next time down the floor or less than thirty seconds later back to Quan Doi for another look quickly Robertson to the forecourt now to test McVeigh cross-border goes Portnoy number five. Threes and a half. Tasting your goes up by the same number thirty to twenty seven at a time. Taken by Lon Kruger. No. I was absolutely incredible. That a nine nothing run all of it by ROY all of it from beyond the arc that was part of a thirteen. Nothing DC Ron to make it a nine point game. Under two minutes to go in the first half Oklahoma headed back down to a three point game at thirty six thirty three. But a quick sequence Robinson laid it in then macneice found an answer for Oklahoma, a layup and back to a three point game back the other way for TCU. It's JD Miller with authority Robertson, grabs it. Back the other way. No, look past the bane to the right hand wing corner right now, it goes to the baseline kicks it off. Five thirty eight thirty three. TCU held a forty three to thirty seven lead at the break. Frogs went seven for fourteen from beyond the arc in the opening stanza. They finished twelve of twenty seven from long range shooting forty four percent from three point land. Well, it was a six point lead for the frogs. But his Bryan and John put it on site. Halftime was the worst thing to happen to both teams first-half pretty both sides were playing efficient basketball both ways it was an excellent game. But out of the half, it was just ugly turnovers. Galore both teams missing shots. TCU had just four points in the first seven minutes of the second-half Oklahoma came back to lead it fifty one to forty nine and the frogs needed someone to step up. And of course, who else but quad screen compensating billers will Kendrick Davis. You've thought about the three Kendrick double team had a slight psychopathic J T Miller not able to do to deep three for Knox. Today had another three pointer for what that's going to be a sixth of the game. No twenty one points at fifty two twenty four points at fifty to fifty one now frogs. So the frogs back on top to the six minute. Mark of the second half frogs were up sixty to fifty five trying to put away. Oklahoma Christian Doolittle goes on a run of his own a bucket hits the end one. It's a two point game in favor of TCU then backed down the floor. Somehow Doolittle comes up with the basketball on a put back chance back at goes. Out of huddled away bounce passes knocked away somehow. Able to follow it over time. Tied up sixty each way and eight nothing wrong. But Oklahoma up sixty three to sixty with four minutes left to play. Now. Guess Bain was suspiciously quiet for much of the game. But there was a technical foul on Oklahoma's Christian James so Bain went to the line made them both to make it a one point game. And right back down the floor bane from beyond the arc looking to give the frogs the late lead. Robertson the bring it up now sixty three sixty to one point ballgame. Here's penetration by Alex Alex through left baseline Aleksic traffic, Alex working his way over the JD billers the right baseline now. Miller with it kicks. It back now to desma banks back reporter dead's but finally coming alive. Here's Desmond bay the free. Throws maye first three-quarter there. I was gonna say hit him a couple of chances to get a feel for his first three of the game here with three thirty four sixty five sixty three James though, led the Sooners back into the lead scoring the next four points. It was sixty seven to sixty five Oklahoma. But the frogs look into guests who again. The three with another three quarter a career high threes from behind the arc here for quite seventh of the game knowing carrying TCU and setting personal bests along the way next time down the floor, Oklahoma backup one, and well, you can guess who. And from where one point ball game two and a half to play with his Desmond bang bang kicks off a quarterback for another three eight. Eight. Escape new career high thirty he's laughing all the way down the floor, the Oklahoma fans along the sideline or given in grief. He's loving thirty points for ROY oh, my eight three pointers made just one shy of the school record. Of course. It was a personal best for him. The frogs up seventy one sixty nine on that one into the final minute Oklahoma can tie it with a to take the lead with a three and Christian James trying to give the Sooners the lead the old fashioned way. The look with forty-seven seconds to this game off to James who is fouled and scores it here. The bucket will tie it. The foul is on Alex Robinson. Now, the horned frogs. He converted the end one Sooners lead was seventy two to seventy one forty five seconds to play frogs with the basketball needing a bucket. But RJ name hard misses. The layup then fouls do little on the rebound. Doolittle makes both free throws on the other end of the frogs were down seventy four seventy one needing a three to tie shot clock turned off and Jamie Dixon draws up for Alex Robinson from distance Robertson. That's ford. Here's Robertson for three. We're tied at seventy four with thirteen point five ago. Crawled in Bryan all knotted up at seventy four thirteen seconds to play inside of the final five seconds shot clock still off Sooners chance to win it in the closing seconds Sooners with a here's do little penetrating public last three seconds ago frogs now with. Now Doug sermons. See a timeout taken here by lawn. Burger I do believe he's got one left. It's gonna take the time out two point eight to play the lead is to for Oklahoma. So Oklahoma on top and TCU had one final opportunity out of that time out Kendrick Davis with the heave and the prayer for TCU bounce is gonna come from Davis on the floor has his Alex Robinson. And it's a two point ballgame Oklahoma up seventy six seventy four years nor to does so the Kendrick data's Kendrick double teeth. Fires a three quarter at the buzzer. Short. Wait, Oklahoma survive. So the frogs fall just short of their first ever win in Norman Oklahoma, Sooners went at seventy six to seventy four more to come in the post game show, including a look at the Nissan scoreboard checkout, Duke, Florida state game finished right after this busy day in the conference and the country. It's all coming up next after a word from frontier communications speed.

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