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Fourteen C sixteen Adriaan be fourteen. Ooh Fourteen is the right answer Al Capone left school in the sixth grade after starting a fistfight with a teacher and never went back. And that's when he started hanging around with street gangs like the South Brooklyn rippers and forty thieves juniors on they were pretty much kids who vandalized in pulled off. Petty Crimes Okay Adriana to Brian Zero speaking of the street gangs. There was one that would have a bigger impact on a young capone more than any other question number three. What gang did capone eventually join at age? Sixteen a five points gang B. Six Stars Gang. See deadly seven gang bryant a five points gang the five points gang is the right answer. The group was based in Manhattan and had a reputation for violence and capone isn't the only infamous mobster who came through the Group. Torio and lucky. Luciano were also members and would play a defining role in capone's life okay. Brian's on the board is Adrian to Brian One scarface could arguably be the biggest pop culture reference to Al Capone. It's pretty self explanatory nickname but for question number four. How did capone get the scar on his face? He was slashed during a fight be. He was pushed down a flight of stairs. See he was cut by a ring after being slapped across the face Adriana a slash during a fight correct answer. It was either a knife or a razor blade. That CUT AL. Capone's left cheek during a fight at the Harvard in on Coney Island in New York capone work there at the time when he was just seventeen or eighteen years. Old Capone had insulted a female customer and her brother cut. Capone's face in retaliation. Okay that brings us to Adriana Three Brian. One a lot has already happened in capone's life at such a young age but at nineteen years old. He got married for question number five. Who was Al Capone's wife? Hey Mae West be Mae. Whitman see May Coughlin Bryant a May West. That is not correct. Do you WanNa Guess C. May coughlan that is the correct answer. Yes May Al Capone married May in December nineteen eighteen and took a short break from Bob. Life settling down is a bookkeeper but he quickly returned to work with an old mentor in Nineteen Nineteen when capone was just twenty years. Old Prohibition went into effect this caused bootlegging operations to begin and they were very profitable so capone made his way to Chicago to work with an old friend question number six. Who DID CAPONE START WORKING FOR IN CHICAGO? A Johnny Torio be Lucky Luciano. See John Dillinger. Brian Aid Johnny Torio. Yes Johnny Torio from back in the five points gang days and worked in Chicago under crime. Boss Big Jim. Kelly cmo soon after capone moved to Chicago. The Gym lows assassinated and Torio took over. Okayed score is a four Brian to tonic questions to go so still a very tight game. Al Capone became crime boss of Chicago when Johnny Torio was wounded in an assassination attempt. Andrew Retired so question number. Seven is how old was capone when he was handed the leadership a twenty six B. Thirty six C Forty-six Adriana a twenty six. That is the correct. Answer your quick on the buzz. Look like you both had it. There now capone became a crime boss at just twenty six years old. He immediately brought the organization to new levels of violence. And we're GONNA talk more about that in just a second but first let's take a look at the score Adriaan Five. She's out to an early lead Brian to again plenty of game to go. Okay well as I mentioned. Capone was a brutal leader of his crime family or the Chicago outfit as he called it so for question number. Eight which weapon is widely associated with Al Capone and his gang. A A knife. Be the Tommy Gun. See a baseball Bat Brian. Be the Tommy Gun Tommy. Gun is the correct answer. It is short for the Thompson. Submachine gun after its inventor. The Tommy Gun became infamous. During the prohibition era it seen in many mob movies and is very much attached to the image of ALKAP and his men. Okay with that answer. Bryan's up to three Adriana five only think Al Capone and Tommy Gun. There's one day that sticks out so let's jump to.

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Old Capone, Adriana Three Brian, Johnny Torio discussed on Killer Knowledge

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