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Do you ship with the math you're welcome to take those off once you once you're seated at the table which is six feet apart it's the same over Copeland wineries and CEO Corey back we want you to feel safer here than you do going to Safeway right and if we can do that we've done our job most tasting rooms don't open until phase three of the plan I'm Julie Walker president trump opened his Memorial Day weekend with something he hasn't done in a while Gulf the trip Saturday to trump national golf club in northern Virginia is the president first to one of his private golf properties since early March that trip to his club in west Palm Beach Florida came several days before he declared a national emergency over the corona virus pandemic the president has been pushing states to fully re opened business is an outdoor venues after they were close to help slow the virus is spread Friday he declared places of worship essential until governors they should allow them to re open the U. S. leads the world with one point six million confirmed covert nineteen cases according to a tally by Johns Hopkins University more than ninety six thousand Americans have died from infections Ben Thomas Washington a man who served eleven presidents in the White House starting as a cleaner passed away after contracting the corona virus Wilson Roosevelt German died of cold it last Saturday at the age of ninety one according to his family he started at the White House under president Eisenhower was promoted to Butler under president Kennedy held other positions along the way finally retiring under president Obama tributes poured in former First Lady Michelle Obama said with his kindness in care Wilson German help to make the White House home for decades of first families including ours Hillary Clinton tweeted our warmest condolences to his loved ones I'm Julie Walker.

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