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Is in fact in the terms of the constitution a high crime or misdemeanor meaning it it's it's and abuse of power and abuse of your office in a matter of state something that twists the kind of country we are which is why you know all the talk about him impeaching president trump is a little bit a cart in front of the horse for those who his opponents he may be a bore he may be unpleasant he may even be a sexual harasser which we certainly saad during the campaign in that famous video but he wasn't president then and even if he were that's not probably a high crime or misdemeanor you have to show and a abuse of power which is why the firing of james comey triggered so many comparisons to watergate because they had promised congress that they would not let something like this happen and that in turn set up the whole watergate investigation said the comparison that people drew when president trump fired comey and the attorney general or in this case the deputy attorney general than hired probably the one man in america who would have republicans and democrats in washington agreed would conduct a thorough and fair our investigation now since then some republicans have taken their shots it at mr mollar that current special counsel but after all he was the fbi director for twelve years he was appointed by a republican president held over by president obama and he was the sinn attorney general for the criminal division in a republican administration so that's a pretty tough case to make he is in fact a highly respected person which is why so much hinges on what he finds nina tone than and now legal affairs cars one for him you are named after the break the much more dramatic and much closer impeach german trial of maybe the worst president in american history it's true politics and power and support for kqed comes from the betty irene more children's hearts center at stanford children's health delivering nationally recognized children's heart care including advanced pediatric cardiology and heart surgery stanford children's.

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