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His sister i do believe it was her sisterinlaw was over in china peddling these things had got caught on tape well now there are subpoenas to the kushner companies of bow apparently i guess that is the subject there the potential a illegality of peddling may be illegality that's why you issue subpoenas to get evidence and so that was last night yet the wall street journal reporting that there were the subpoenas to the kushner companies about this the visas in the selling of the visas to wealthy people if you invest money in the us and of course you're going to invest these uh you know you're going to invest this in in the in the kushner companies reagan invest a million dollars the kushner companies and we'll give you because you know who's in the white house and we're so related to a mortgaga nice a greencard so that is the first thing that came out last night but then just a little while before we started our show here this afternoon cobb boom here comes the evidence it andrew cohen is talking about ways not really evidence here comes the information that andrew corner cbs talking about which is now we have the special council apparently in panelling his own grand jury and who knows where he's going with this but as you heard andrew cohen say and he's right if there is nothing there there is not really going to be a grand jury even more interesting is that there have been leaks apparent leaks in rumors that the special counsel robert muller is going after donald trump's financial entanglements with russia going back years and of course he's already looking at manafort in flynn and they've got all kinds of financial times so all of this has got to be making donald trump very very angry and very very nervous because donald trump knows what he's done and bit yeah with him dictating the false story on air force one dictating the false story about what happened.

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