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And I think they have the confidence that they've got enough core players in place that they just need to get maybe four to five more on at various positions to be able to solidify this could be moving in the right direction again funny. How it largely always comes down to the big guys in front who who do the blocking? Yeah. Yeah. But it's you do sound like, you know, Dave Gettleman, Pat Shurmur have both said that they. They continued to insist they believe they can play good football. Good offensive football with the ally Gettleman has said he thinks it's a false narrative that manning can't play anymore. And I think we all know that a guy who's thirty eight thirty nine and throwing his sixteenth season isn't going to be physically exactly what he was you know, ten years ago, but ice still think we saw enough at the end of the season. And it really wasn't intending get into an ally discussion with you. I think we saw enough that there's reason to think that they're right in the short term, you it sounds like you agree with that. I absolutely do. And I'm just going to give quick little analogy that I think will fit without even having to talk about it in football terms. Imagine the fact that you're hungry, and you wanna go to a local diner, and you know. That diner makes something that you really like whether it's a Philly, or at some sort of chili or some sort of you know, Meatloaf that they make this really good. And you know that that chef who's been doing it for the past. You know, short order cook has been doing it for the past fourteen fifteen eighteen years, however, long has been doing it is great at it. And he has a certain set of directions on how to do it. And he knows this acquit -ment in what's around him to do the job. Now, if you asked him to make something that, you know, Gordon Ramsay might make you know with you know, his culinary background. He might panic and not play all may not be able to do that in. It might not. It'd be a very good dish. But you know, what he can do. And if you give him the environment to do it in he's going to be fine. And it could actually end up being great and far more satisfying me meal as long as he has all the things he needs around him to do his job and. Madden's like that short order cook. He's never going to be Gordon Ramsay. He's never going to be the guy who's going to do the tremendously creative stuff. But if you give him what he needs, you know, in that environment. And that's what they're they're banking on than he can be good enough for this team to win. Even if he's never gonna be, you know, the elite quarterback in the defined sense that no one's where there's no debate about it. Thank you for that. Because I have been banging that drum free years. Now that that ally is still ally is what he is in the biggest difference between what we see now. And what we saw back in the day when the giants were contending for Super Bowls. The biggest thing that we see that's different is the cast around him. And the idea that they just they haven't run the football. Even last year was Barkley. They didn't run the football that. Well, I think that some of the advanced stats that Bill Conley of Espy nation put together showed that they had you know, they were they were way up at the top in explosive place. But in terms of running officiency down to down getting what you should get out of every single play. They were I think thirtieth in the league, you know, that was just my concern about Barclay. Pre draft. If he didn't if he got matched with a team that didn't have good blocking up front because he'd have to create from self and the combination of poor blocking and the combination of his desire to be creative and hit those big plays..

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