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We can we can. we can write that off to to gain violets. If you rob in some and you get shot in the process you rod robbing someone you you had it coming. If you defending your home you break. Somebody's house and you get shot. Depres got right protect. They house but when you allow these people in the acta per- perpetrating a crime in the act of up of detto grudge gang. Violence dope deals to far off the shots and kill our children and our innocent citizens and we don't open our mouth because we don't trust the police department it's going to be sixty mo- wow long and it just keeps happening over one weekend and we got to get smarter about our sales. Yes because the cavalry and coming over the. He'll said this before. We've got to do something for ourselves and protect our elderly incident and our children should be at the forefront coming up his last break of the day and at forty nine minutes after the hour will close out the show with some closing remarks from the one. And only steve harvey right after this. You're listening to morning show teacher tickets now day. Tom stage our iheartradio music festival presented by samsung galaxy. September eighteenth at area fifteen. Las vegas is new. Entertainment and events complex mind-blowing experienced the hottest new stars from all jonah's of music performed live on the daytime sage. Ms the baby's olivia rodrigo. Kid roy sweetie glad talking. Low twenty four k. golden russell dickerson. Young glad be buried. Saint mcrae break ray and more the biggest artists in music come together for one weekend in las vegas. Your tickets for twenty twenty one iheartradio music festival including the daytime sage at axs dot com presented by samsung galaxy. Samsung wants to remind you that on august. Eleven there's only one question you should be asking yourself. Are you ready for this life. Something biggest brewing find out more samsung dot com slash reserve guys. Here we are. Wow this time went by fast. Our last break of the day on this wednesday short week. Yeah yeah started off with a monday holiday labor day. Our last our last holiday of the summer now The tail is back. Yeah brand new. Tab pro champions. He'll yeah you know. Let me say this enclosing today We've been talking about this voting theme. So what i wanna do. I wanna get out in front of it carla. What is the website that fair the first lady and everybody's pushing when we vote dot org when we all vote dot org if you are registered or unregistered. I want you to go to win. We all vote dot all. Check your status. Make sure learn on when we all vote dot org all of the games and plots this being laid traps out there that is designed so you can be aware of what they're trying to do to suppress and flat out just stop. Outvote is people of color that they are targeting is areas that they're targeting because they are going to find a way to steal this next election and they don't care how they do it. You know the politics in this country is sort of crazy right now. It's has nothing to do with caring about the people it's simply carrying about the party. And what the party position is the party lie. They're not even talking to us anymore. They're not even concerned about what we think or feel as long as they can find a way to say something to irritate one side against other side so they can get to vote. That's all it is. But i gotta tell you something if we go to win we all vote dot org org And we pay attention now and make sure we registered now. We can beat the rush and then when the rush calms for the polls. We're going to be prepared. You can still use malian ballots. You just got to know the exact rules so they don't throw your batted out because they are trying to win back those senate seat so they can get control again. They want it back desperately but we are awake now. We have seen in the last presidential election. What happens when we stick together and we vote and we all saw it. We all watched wisconsin. Then we watched everybody in detroit show up and show out and then it moved from dad down to atlanta and even when it moved down this this wave that we got own it calls people to realize the real power that we had even people who thought they would never vote and people who used to think are both. Don't count. I watch the people on balconies on cnn out celebrating and waving towels and t shirts in the air when they found out that biden had be trump and they found out how it was done because he was done in places that they don't give a damn about it was done in milwaukee it was done in detroit it was done in philly and it was done in atlanta and when they got down now we showed up and we turned election around so much soda. Donald trump even went to the head of the voter registration office. Who is a republican and.

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