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It's obvious what Joe Joe. Douglas is doing Douglas. The jets okay. So when you think about what The Joe Douglas and GM is doing for the jets. George fant KONTA McGovern and Alex Lewis. All three new offensive lineman so we all kind of knew that this was going to be his forte. That's what he was going to try to do and I think he saving a lot of money. I think he's getting good players. Connor McGovern doesn't really miss any games and he was a former center for the The Denver Broncos said seems like a really good signing for them the big was like he was the best available center. That was still out there yesterday. And you gotTA CONTRACT THREE YEARS. Twenty seven million dollars. You know resigning. Alex Lewis is something I know they. They wanted to do and bring in George fant. Yeah he got a significant amount of money as well so yeah I mean it. And he didn't didn't break the bank when I say significant amount of money. I mean. Sure it's still is nine million dollars or nine million dollars plus per year but He still didn't go out there and set the market with an offensive lineman. He did not give the nate solder contract out to anybody because they were in desperate need no. He was used careful. And you know the question is the the guys that I mean McGovern is going to be fine. He's he's going to be fine. He's going to be the center of That offensive line and they have a legitimate top-end center in the League. Now the question is is is going to be a guy that's going to be as good as he's projected to be. You know it's a former basketball player. That's going to end up playing left tackle one. That's going to be something that obviously jet fans are going to watch. You also signed Bryan pullback one year five million dollar deal and Brian poll was their best defensive back last year. That is a savings. I think that's a win for the jets and now the big question for them is going to be basically Robbie Anderson and Jordan Jenkins. Can they get those guys signed and then you have to wait and see what happens when we get to the draft and after the draft comes to college free agents which is where Joe. Douglas really has done great work especially when he was down in Baltimore with Ozzie newsome they. They had some great off the cuff of college. Free agents that were not drafted that ended up turning out to be really really good player. So I know that Joe. Douglas takes a great deal of pride in that. So we'll see whether or not he'll have some of the same positive impact in that regard for the New York jets moving forward..

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