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To buy a vowel? Here's Jim Bohannon on the offbeat. It happened to John Wayne airport in Santa Ana California at a Southwest Airlines employees began mocking the name of Tracy Redford's daughter. The name they found amusing ABCD. That's right. The child's name is the first five letters of the Alba bet. No, they shouldn't have laughed, Tracy. They should have turned you in for child abuse. The owner of the lucky garden restaurant in Halloween main is lucky of deed. Any Wong claims? The two boulders blocking foot traffic in front of a restaurant replaced their accordance with functions way for the record backs. The completely unfounded notion that spatial arrangements somehow affect the flow of energy, whatever that's supposed to mean. So local and state officials have agreed to cut short a downtown sidewalk project zero via Carmichael of Goldsboro North Carolina went into a store to buy a Carolina Panthers lottery game ticket, but the store clerk gave her a seven. Seven seven game. Ticket by mistake. However, Carmichael isn't complaining since the mistake wonder almost two hundred eighty thousand dollars. Hey, it happens all the time people dozing off on a plane, but an Australian man is in a bit of trouble for that sense. He was the pilot. And this cargo flight had no co-pilot true. The plane was on autopilot, but it's still overshot the destination by twenty nine miles before he woke up there are some lines of work in which it's never good to hear the word. Oops, doctor or lawyer to name a couple added that hang gliding instructor after the pilot forgot to strap the trainee end of the trainee wound up dangling from the control bar NBA instructors leg. Oops. And come June the world champion Boston Red Sox will play their arch rivals the New York Yankees game with tickets in the second deck priced as high as two hundred eighteen dollars at the top ticket prices four hundred ninety three bucks a seat which is pretty high especially when you consider the game will be played at Olympic stadium in London. I can't wait for some Brit to look at the ticket price and say, this isn't cricket. No. It's not the offbeat. I'm Jim Bohannon America in the morning for Wednesday March. Twentieth is produced.

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