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Is of my talk dirt alert. Sally, You're alright Dad alone, but he got what is going to pass for some celebrity gossip. So I wrote that down 8 18 20. This is what's passing for celebrity gossip of this time, And I said, I give it a d. Well, this is actually kind of suspicious. Okay, little inside baseball. But let's talk about what's happening over at NBC Universal. So this is one of the big headlines in all the trade papers today that Ron Meyer The former NBC Universal vice chairman while he is out, and the reason that he is out is because he had a quote, consensual affair. Exactly, and reportedly, the woman that he had an affair with is an actress named Charlotte. Kirk. And she's had some film credits, including Oceans, eight How to Be Single and Vice But you guys were talking earlier in the show about the age difference between you know such people is Dennis Quaid in his new wife and some other things so eight years ago. Charlotte Kirk. She's 28. Now she would've been 20 Ron Meyer 75 today, so he would have been if we're doing the math 67. Okay, But when this house this is Jennifer Myers, a dad the one very did Tobey Maguire. This is her dad. Oh, but And do you have the juicy gossip on this actors? Who else? She had an affair with Oh, yeah, So they had an affair Ron Meyer in Charlotte, Kirk. But this isn't the first time that she dipped into having extra marital affairs with Hollywood executives. So it was her affair with the former head of Warner Brothers that got him fired from his job last year. Last year. That's right. Holy CEO Wow. Affair fires. He's single. He's a single guy if it happened eight years ago. It did happen eight years ago. I don't know where, you know. Well, yes, he's just getting fired. Now He's resigning because this actress's boyfriend is trying to extort him and force him disclosed the settlement to NBC Universal. There's a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes do extortion. Ah, this gal has Ah, Has a a CEO tracks. Right? Wow. So fascinating Actress is at the centre of two very powerful men in Hollywood as having to leave their positions because they just couldn't keep it in their pants, wants. Beyonc, separated from his second wife after 25 years of marriage and made 2018 so he's had a He's had a problem, but he just has. You know the one his one daughter who's the jewelry designer Jennifer, right, Dad did with us and probably see a They're like Eddie. Just step aside. You make too much money anyway. It's they laid up like 100. Paolo. I know they did. Yeah, the big talent agencies in Hollywood or having a lot of layoffs, because not a lot of work is happening now. Ron Meyer is leaving at Nbcuniversal after 25 years at the company so time Wow, he cofounded. It's hard. Yeah, they don't think they give him a choice. Yeah. So they are saying the CEO of NBC Universal is saying that Ron Meyer quote has acted in a manner which we believe is not consistent with our company policies in 27 10 and we see they're such hypocrites there. Such hypocrites unbelievable. They really are the lower half of your year for years, and now, all of a sudden, you know they wanted to push right now because the visiting his paycheck. And they just took advantage of this. That's what I think. Opportune moment. Lovely, lovely Hollywood. Speak on that. All right, Let's move on to Ah, project that's going to be happening. We're actually going to see this on Amazon. Want to get a taste test from you guys. Rachel Weiss is going to be starring in an executive producing a reboot of the David Cronenberg movie Dead ringers. Hey, I don't even know what they are and be Rachel. So an Academy Award for two seconds in a movie that wasn't girl her horrible just because he was eight months pregnant. So you're bringing episode's subject to me because my trap is not going to forget it, Doctor, Remember? No, she walked by her. She said she would buy an alley and gotten Academy Award. I didn't Oh, It was the movie will be a constant gardener hated the movie. First of all, that was a poor bull movie, and she did nothing and chews up against someone that year. That really deserved. We find out what's going on with Rachel Weisz, White white Now what we're doing right now. Wait, wait now. Well, let's go to Elmer Fudd related. We're going to talk about this project. Julia, I'm very sorry. I didn't know that Rachel Weiss was four subjects for you. I don't know that I apologize. Movie Chariots.

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