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Getting ready to come out for the white flag rusty wallace takes heads often turn of a one for the vinyl time let's follow him around the dow between first and second three carling's rusty wallace the end sidelined smoothly this time of off the turtle close into the dale earnhardt car go wide to get by that machine still with several colleagues over earlier of prior to this after noon rushdie's team at two consecutive top five's the santa they will survive and win here at the monster bile rushdie wada's takes his third win of the year and we end this week in two thousand five green day is number one with holiday on the internet a new website called youtube is gaining momentum as millions start download videos and again nascar was over this time it was the biff greg biff will taking checkers in the m vienna race points four hundred no area off turned four hits the start finish line they put the white flag on it was pick him up and turns one and two as he heads around and we'll go to victory lane very shortly here's greg beppo interns wanted to for the final time rockets up onto the back straight away not being pressured from behind not closing in on any traffic greg biff oil dominating performance we'll see the checkered flag off turt bore bethel to take four to victory lane here at dover international speedway for the twentieth time those are just some of the events of this weekend nascar history this weekend we turn our focus to michigan international speedway for a preview here's our suzy arms phone thank you mike the monster energy nascar cup series teams head to the great lakes state this week for the fire keepers casino four hundred at michigan international speedway on a hot streak two thousand ten michigan winter kevin harvick tricks to the irish hills with strong potential to continue coveted cup victory michigan has been a good racetrack we've run well air just haven't haven't w.

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