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The the monument to see the this is crazy shutting down parks cnn had nothing the cover because president trump realized the optics did something about it and in doing so made president former president of barack obama just looks stupid we had spokespeople from the from the administration the trump administration sri chagrin on saying we not going to weaponized the government shutdown over desker we're not going to weapon eyes the government shutdown their armed point they were disciplined this is something that we just don't see if we ever see with democrat arua sorry boob republicans they were on point sarah sanders huckabee she took a to a yield to the to the point today she said you know what dreamers you're protests the all people cut ten storm capitol hill in protests there because that is the place that is held up this discussion democrats or the one that shut this discussion down by forcing a government shutdown now dean unwilling to fund the government thursday a real masterstroke they'll put it on the democrats you don't matter of fact over the weekend trump started tweeting this democrat this democrats for the democrats onus thing with you tried to call the white house this morning this is the message that you've got cut thirteen thank you for calling the white house unfortunately we cannot answer your call today because congressional democrats are holding government funding including funding for our troops and other national security priorities did to an unrelated immigration to be i'm told you the republicans played this brilliantly and now they're calling it now now this is more from the from the schumer shut down two hashtag schumer sell out because the activists our live it liberal activists are furious with the democrats senators off after most of them most of the senators agreed to reopen the federal government without a firm path to shielding young immigrants from deportation were they are they are shielded but these these daca folks david a drink in the liberal kuwait as well they don't believe in allies what's incredible about this though is that the democrats were pushed into a corner they were i guess of could we call it the art of the.

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