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Eighty six. Seven months league is Is a challenge and it. It still is work in progress. A lot of clubs are still working on defining judgment. You know Trying to keep them engaged through the not. Just the do three months of the so. It's work in progress but But i think there's been a massive shift from where we started off do now. We never spoke of our general up transfers transfer window so this is something which is and anthems apps started seeing that a newcomer to was as Indian players or even enough a couple of four foreign. Aw you know players being transferred to other clubs so from that point of view. I think it's been a big change and it's for the gold and also now International clubs a you know having their presence In india to said i mean like the city group by all other partnerships like what we've done with gruesome dot So just i was just the positives all around and also now. We have conquered james in the league. So what do you think that has made the season motive testing To the beyond the sponsors in the not other sequels game. Yes definitely. I think aub with idiom on begun end you spend you know are being bought of the isolate You know what's the big news of the season Yes why we don't have clouds season. We as i read actually really looking forward to a bingo clubs in and Yeah i mean. I think all of fans in neither would be excited. We'll see you believe eastern wall play in hyderabad as well. So i mean it's a great move a positive move and it's good development for indian football and the ball the roadmap in place. You think clubs are not ready for the promotion you know to get into asset. Look into the second league. I league think. I sell club. Need more time to protect their overall value. Not have allegation or do you think you know spying that you have something on. One of.

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