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Got a book on that got to and what Pat Corbin's done this year unbelievable you saw animals there too as the other day I mean this is god's go about their business you know and they they know how to work they've been around the game and we got some veteran pitchers that are coming to fruition and you know like I said Strasbourg tonight I mean else best we've been doing that all the way down the stretch and you know I'm really happy for all right one win away from the World Series with full confidence level you know it's not but we still got to play baseball young partners are a great team we don't ever take anything for granted and we got to go to continue doing what we've been doing it as playing good baseball worried about what we need to do and just put it out here on the field just leave it all out here our thanks for joining us thank you how we can record five hits with runners in scoring position this postseason most in a single postseason in franchise history he mentioned Stephen Strasberg no walks doesn't strike outs as he scattered seven hits Strasbourg three an older he already of one sixty four this post season Jack Flaherty on the other side four innings gave up five hits four earned runs to walk six strikeouts shortest outing since June eighth and for flirty the first time is allowed four earned runs since the in Seattle nationals can complete the sweep on Tuesday to the back end of Tuesday's LCS double header here on ESPN radio where you hear every pitch baseball's postseason diligently as crowd the ALCS plays game three in the afternoon Astros in Yankees of course split the first two in Houston ESPN analyst mark to Cheryl I think the Astros are lucky to come out there with one win I mean game one the Yankees were so good they does beat up Zack cranky scored seven runs got cleaver Taurus with five RBIs monster to not go was spectacular they looked really really good in game one dominated the Astros and in game two the Yankees hit some balls hard against Marylander that the the Yankees had chances to score yeah the big judge home run the Yankees just looked like a better team now the Astros are still the Astros again but if I'm the Astros I do feel a little bit lucky that I got away with the win yesterday what's happening though because the actors were the best hitting team in baseball do you think that they can keep up with the Yankees that's the tough thing about so you have a really good Yankees bullpen that now they can match up so in a regular season the Astros have a great team but they're not get those match ups of the Yankees are thrown Adam all game long game three Tuesday afternoon Severino for your coal for Houston Astros manager A. J. hinge with Garrett is always in pursuit of the of perfection when it comes to his prep to his execution to his his overall game planning and stuff like that so you know for me I think you know you searching for answers at that point on what what part of that was was a little bit offer why were they getting yeah having a little bit more success but evasions never a problem for him we expect to have success we know it's going to be tough but hopefully as a group you know we can have some success against them whether that's where I'm down a little bit whether that's taken advantage of couple mistakes that we do get again expect seven to go out and pitch really well so I don't know if it's deviate much because he's gone you've got to be on top of your game if you're gonna have success and that'll be our focus remove the Yankees after back home after splitting the first two in Houston Astros Yankees our coverage begins at three o'clock eastern here on ESPN radio for game three that'll be followed by game four of the NLCS between the cards and nationals if the nats don't sweep there will be another LCS double header on Wednesday with the National League taking the afternoon slot tune in to the data doesn't podcast hosted by Ivan Maisel commemorating the one hundred fiftieth anniversary of college football download subscribe in review Donna distance available wherever you enjoy your podcasts sports are all night ESPN radio back Monday Night Football it was a pivotal call down the stretch of the week six NFC north showdown.

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