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To seventy south bound and Watkins mill at the new interchange getting by there in two lanes to the right or the phone lines are open popular WTOP traffic will have temperatures tonight falling into the sixties with dry conditions for tomorrow mostly sunny hot and humid our first ninety degree day of the year with highs in the low to mid nineties are average first ninety over the last fifty years it's typically on may seventeenth and isolated severe thunderstorm is possible later in the day tomorrow but most if not all of the day will be dry partly sunny hot and humid on Thursday with highs in the eighties to near ninety and scattered showers and thunderstorms likely during the afternoon and evening hours some downpours are also looking likely in spots later in the day on Thursday for Friday partly to mostly cloudy scattered showers and thunderstorms around later in the day once again they do upper eighties we have lowering humidity levels on Thursday but still hot highs in the mid to upper eighties we warm to around eighty on a beautiful Sunday and storm team four meteorologist Amelia draper picture perfect evening in the nation's capital it is seventy three to seventy degrees right now at wolf trap it is seventy five degrees in Bowie Maryland warmer over on the other side of the beltway and it is seventy three degrees outside our studios WTOP news time nine thirty this is WTOP your source for today's top news traffic and weather the DMV always connected and constantly updated twenty four seven three sixty five in your car at home at work and on the go WTOP this moments good Tuesday evening I'm del Walters Lisa Abelson is the editor's desk coming up hundreds taking to the streets even though there are curfews in effect around the nation B. T. O. P. tracking events there and also right.

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