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If he's getting a scholarship, Let's say if he's getting you know, Coach K is going to be going soon. But let's say, you know, you've got coach King there's some value to college for a player. It's a lot more value to go into the league and making money. Appreciate. Carl Solomon Joe, do you do you think? Do you agree with me that you think there'll be more people stay in college now because they can actually make that money while they're there or go to college. It's going to depend on the amount of money. I mean, Ultimately, the more money you'll be making from endorsements would probably correlate with how good you are an athlete, which would correlate with how fast you want to get to the pros to make even more money. Maybe so, I thought you could see a scenario, though. We're like a Tim Tebow might be worth more at Florida. Then he was in the NFL. So that's an interesting case. Because Tebow were the ton of money from a marketing perspective in in Florida that would have been worth obviously you know who this guy is the limit, but then at the same time The risk factor, which still exists. How much more time do you want to spend in college? Even though you're making bank preventing yourself from going and getting the guaranteed money in the NFL as well, it's a great question. I don't think there'll be a ton of people like you, Joe. The kind of guys that get endorsements are probably the kind of guys that want to go to the league. But I will say, I do think it will lead people to go to college. I think college basketball, especially, we'll see guys go. There's a kid named Jalen during right now who is? Trying to decide between the G League and college basketball, and he has said this Joe may send him to college basketball, whereas otherwise he might have gone to the Geely that I can see, because right now you have kids not only going to the G league, but they might go to Europe. They might go to Australia. They might go somewhere where they can not only play But they can get paid. So if you're going over to Italy, and you're making maybe $3 million for a year to bypass the time it takes to get to the NBA, why not? Then go to North Carolina? Stay closer to home. Maybe you're more in a comfort zone. You're near your family. You don't have to uproot your life as much if you can still get that $3 million or close to it on a shoe deal or some other type of deal. Yes, absolutely agree with you. And if you're Nike or Adidas, you'd rather than playing college on a high platform that in the G League that nobody watches 100%. Nike's got to be all over this. You have to imagine. Yeah. 888 say ESPN. If you'd like to weigh in on this. It seems like some of you all have strong opinions. We gave you some straight talk and straight talk. Wireless has no contract, No compromise. Most of the talk we have is not straight. But that really was more on N I l plus some new coaches in the NBA. That's next on Game Day G..

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