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Schedule. So you're trying to be something filming when you're like. Oh my go. God do this amount of pages each day so it's a little bit more more tv like so we want to make you look like a film but we're going to give you a tv schedule to it all the time. I wanted to know whether or not there were any cliches or tropes that you wanted to avoid while making this because i'm going to get into slept somewhat. This is going to go up the day of the finale going up so hopefully folks will get to catch up. But if you if you're listening to this and you haven't seen it yet you can. You can stop. And i'll i'll end the interview soon. But you know when they're when the group is sort of stuck on this remote island and they're doing some trading with eskimos to get a very bare minimum amount of supplies. The thing that struck me about that whole sequence was there are very few moments where everybody collapses to their knees and says god why have you forsaken us. And there's not a lot of Hysterics going on. These are people who are obviously trained to expect. The worst and i thought that that trickle down all the way to the ways in which the performance to be interacting with each other on the island made for much more compelling made it much more compelling to watch because you didn't have to get through the inevitable like what are they going to turn on each other and now that there's gonna be this and it's like no. It's obvious drax is going to go break bad as soon as you get these handcuffs off but the thing. That's really incredible as you can see sumner sort of rise as a leader as he started shakes off the laudanum and he becomes sort of sort centerpiece of this group. Trying to keep them together. An andrew curious whether or not when writing that when shooting it. Did you really like. We have to avoid certain cliches that come along with men in distress stories. Yeah i think so. I think i'm always trying to find the kind of like a solid dangle into this story the one that slightly different from the story as told and i think that weighed it comes down to trying not to so many cliches about men being together like especially in this economy As you say like men turning on each other men becoming violent like testosterone fueled rage. And i try to find something different than i am. I think there's almost like this. Both the conduct resilience comes out within these people and acceptance and the sort of semi compassion for each other within the which which i like him. I didn't wanted to feel. I didn't want the show a toll to feel to testosterone ni. If that makes sense even though it's a story about men so wanted to find the kind of different nuance in mayo. Relationships. mayo friendships. And how they need each in how they can turn on each other but how they can also support each other. And i think that kind trickles down into how the performances. Aw it's almost like a some kind of club than you might imagine this kind of story. Big and i think that is just my instincts and the way that i wanted to look masculine. I suppose while being kind of It being something thorny even more interesting And i think that leads to the story and then going into the final episode when someone gets back to ho where you expect this huge adaptive ending combat. Happy that i wanted to just to be a bit. When nuance jack on that island. One night zimbabwe base munzer genius. Why why do you find it fascinating. Tell me about it. Just senior to articulate in it relates to cliche just articulate in a way that is was paramount to his own out. There we start. The community is suicide ongoing and in our of playing off those cliches just stopping seniors. No and you know that that that by that same token jack the one thing. I love the most about that that whole sequence of scenes on the island. Is that when you're character. Sumner kind of gets out from under his laudanum addiction. He becomes this leader but the way he leads is is is very got light touch. Because it's almost you're leading as a surgeon. You're saying look i'm not gonna make you walk around but i'm gonna tell you what happens if you don't know and i'm not going to stop you from trying to screw over these eskimos in your trade but if you do like we're up shits creek without a paddle if if this goes wrong and i love how you like your performance almost after you've kind of gotten out from the the shakes from from from having the addiction like your character kind of almost stands up a little bit straighter and he has a different demeanor and gate. It's it's an incredible like switch there. Can you tell me a little bit about. How did you did you purposely. Sort of change. The way this character was once he stopped drinking. Laudanum for shaw for show. A was a power that sky as riddled By the fact that opium hygiene in this evil Grasp anees familiar was daca coming to realize saw potential of individual once involuntarily been freed of of of his addiction. And that's very simply and done. I don't think it was on one..

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