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Are talking with Las Vegas sun sports reporter he further about the possibility of the NBA playoffs taking place at a variety of Vegas venues in front of empty stands one of all the major sports is basketball the easiest one to start up because there's less personnel and I'm sure these guys are staying in shape and so forth or am I just being kind of naive I think it's one of those big team sports certainly you have to play basketball and I think you nailed it that the easiest thing is with the fewest personality just you know you think hockey the rosters are born two times is large and there's thirty team so that's a lot more I think some of the individual sports obviously would be a little bit easier we've already seen golf has some plans could to continue they announce some stuff they were one of the last one to cancel so I think there's an individual sports it would be easier to get back to the far as like the major team sports I gotta agree with you I think basketball should be the easiest one one getting back to the logistics of this whole thing you wrote something article and I hadn't thought about it but probably Vegas is uniquely qualified to do this simply because of all the hotel rooms on the strip along the so many rooms because when you've got that they might not be a lot of players on the court but there's a lot of people in the organization the personnel group you know all that kind of thing you got to have a place to put up yeah I think this is another example that goes back to the summer league I mean the some really get so much more than just the teams playing here every summer it's kind of like the unofficial you'd be a conference every year I mean every general managers here on the front offices and they all have to stay somewhere during you know July which isn't exactly a busy time in Vegas but it's a little bit here now with things going on and I know a lot of people would stay in the same place that you know really gotten to know some of the executives at those resorts so I think it would kind of be you know in in easy adjustment for them in the sense that they are kind of familiar with the place where they do it every year already and it looks like this could even stay kind of in the same time frame it would be a little bit different players obviously not every player comes to the summer league but I think from the executives in the front office it would just be kind of like muscle memory coming in that staying in there the hotel they've been doing for the last several years well that makes sense you know and I'm assuming that this can't happen without that will hotels being open and that kind of thing so you're gonna have really unique situation because on the one hand I'm guessing you're not going to want to have crowds anything past two hundred and fifty people or something like that anywheres they're gonna have to be all sorts of adjustments made by the casinos and so forth and I I guess the NBA is probably already trying to look at that I had to keep their players safe and keep the community safe and just make this something is seamless is a clear yeah there are a lot of logistics in a lot of things like that to figure out but I do think that you know you look at kind of the blueprint of Las Vegas and what the destination is specialized in and I just think you know maybe I'm being foolhardy but I just think that if anything he's capable of it would be a loss I guess may be able to you know put together all the hurdles and everything that needs to happen I think once they get to be able to do it you know you mentioned president trump just talked all the commissioners and so forth do you think maybe them of course the NFL was gonna try to go on schedule as best we can but in terms of baseball trying to have season maybe the L. trying to do some sort of a limited sense the only come playoff I don't know that they're kind of looking or they would be looking to the NBA this year all right take us out there kinda let let's see how this works let's get it started and once if things go smoothly is kind of an open to all the other week try to slowly get back to normal the army number official by any means but I think if you poke around and read some of the more informed reporters about what's going on and that does seem to kind of be the case of the NBA is a little bit at the forefront and you know not to say the guys in the NBA would need some time to get back to full strength they want to that's what they say they don't want to jump right into the playoffs but I think it is a little bit easier for the basketball players to to get back in the game for the poster like baseball I mean if you can start their baseball regular season with no advance warning you're gonna have so many pitching injuries is instruction even NHL from a conditioning camp when I think of a little bit tougher so I I think you know all those reasons going to why do you think they'll be a set up fee for yeah I I I kind of agree with you on that in the end be shorter has reason to try to take the lead and do this right because I think of all that stuff with the Utah Jazz really handsome that I forget the name of the player but kind of took this likely was touch microphones and sure enough he had covert nineteen and that kind of left a little bit of a black market you think this is an opportunity for them to elect all right we're ahead of the game we're trying to do everything right they they reacted to that well when it happened and they want to continue to be the leader yeah Rudy bear that was in the Dale for this whole thing I think he's he's done well apologizing intended keeping the public up to date with his his his cove in nineteen experience I know he's cleared now but yeah I I do think it would be good P. R. from them and I think I would earn them some good well I think the NBA really in general as you know very well run I think that they've made smart decisions over the last several years I I I think they've you know always had safety they've always really conferred with their players to make sure they're comfortable and I think this would be the ultimate example of that if they could pull that off again okay so let's look let's hope this happens and listen one last thing then the playoffs itself it's not going to be the full gamut of all the teams you think because I think we just take too long what do you are you know from what I've read is that they wouldn't necessarily want to change it still be the sixteen teams in the playoffs and still the same basic bracket format however the the where I think you're gonna see a change I don't think you're gonna see a best of seven series in every single match up like we normally do in the NBA I don't know exactly how they'll do it I don't know if they'll do a one and done even if the trance a best of five maybe you go past the five when you get to the conference finals so I I'm still think the money would be on having all sixteen teams but you're not gonna have much margin for error if you normally do in the vehicle at all yeah and that might make the games actually more exciting goes right away boom you're two games seven excitement already right from the start yeah there you go like I said you can't really have an off night there's going to be that's going to increase the chances for upsets and I could just make the whole thing on a lot more crazier and maybe better from a few extra points well certainly excited to think about it and let's cross our fingers so as we have peace here members also supports I know sports gambling is a big thing that you cover that and so forth you wrote an interesting article about this as well and I want to just talk a little about it these guys gotten really creative right when there's nothing to bid on some people just have to bet one of these what what what is that like people like circus sports what are they doing yeah I mean there's a there's really kind of all look all across the globe to find anything that can't be that bad on it and made sure it was within the the product he makes troll boards perfumes it is that they were okay with poking and they put it up that's been very interesting to see the different sports events booked a lot east fourth lately if the America a counter strike tournament I think last week that was taking some action I know ping pong in Russia and Ukraine has been big there's been a couple soccer league still kicking so it's really been any any sporting kind of anything that's going on in the world of sports what guys are looking for and trying to put a lock on it give the people something to bed on time well I mean betting on Russian table tennis for most of us I think it is kind of like playing keno he's who knows right yeah absolutely I mean I'm I'm a big sports better as you mentioned I cover sports betting for a long time but I have not this thing you know took us over I don't know diving into the Russian a table tennis number seventeen that appealing to me it still seems like either a big margin for error but Hey they're responsible for some recent days that people are making money doing it and I even the sports book understand like look we're not getting rich off of this we're just kind of trying to provide the service so if you can handicappers you I'll I'll just be staying away for now more from Las Vegas sun reporter case Keefer who can be read at Las Vegas sun dot com you are listening to Vegas never sleeps with Steven magic nationwide on this talk radio network being a business owner or entrepreneur can feel lonely unless your friends have walked the same path I just don't understand your passion how many times have you been asked what are you gonna get a real job and when you finally do make it big all of a sudden the doubters tell you they always knew you would does this sound familiar you see this vine we understand the road because we're on the same path that's why we created the club just.

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