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Valdez Cade extend seventy newsradio president trump dropping the idea of quarantining three state send stories coming up the top of the hour seven point six fifty five traffic and weather together every ten minutes of the five Tristen green one good morning trouble in Rancho Cucamonga on the two detainees found at Millikin two right lanes taken away it's a truckload of powdered cement right and it is off to the right shoulder somehow is there was a disturbance and some got spilled and the Millikan on ram is getting a clean up in at least one lane San demus Cheney's bound via Verde on ramp that car with a flat tire C. H. B. has come and escorted out of the right most lane and out of your traffic so that's very good news in riverside on the S. sixty two fifteen section of the two fifteen at central that's where we had difficulty earlier and the right most lane taken away they are working to clear that as we speak after an earlier crash four five south bound Roscoe to Sherman way right lane is taken away right now with road works seven ten freeway is taken away with road work that's right south bound is closed from I. five to van Deanie Boulevard sixty connectors to the south bound seven ten southbound third street on ramp Olympic waiting here all of those on ramp to the southbound seven ten unavailable until about this time tomorrow morning as they work to finish that paving project on the seven ten freeway next traffic report at seven oh five I'm Tim green within the Toyota of Glendora traffic center K. N. X. ten seventy newsradio got tough partly cloudy skies cool and breezy weather today with a chance of light showers in the mountain deep inland areas highs could be in the sixties today lows tonight forties and fifties going to be something tomorrow with highs of mid sixties.

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