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Look to be over. tough handicap intriguing handicap because I wanted to get a team that should be very disappointed game got away from late only time they were not covering Oregon last week is finalized seconds of the game on the flip side to get a team coming off a very emotional upset win it does I mean are they can be flat the bad in this game or they can be confident a we can play with the big boys I think twenty four just a little too much so I'll take a walk back. for me it's a pass but Oregon is so they have really really good quarterbacks there were actually much better defense minister than than they've been in a long time hi I I can't leave the twenty four I'm with brother but I can't I can't support about either so to to pass for me yeah it's tough for me right now Oregon becomes Auburn's biggest fans open they can knock off bam L. issue some of the big boys and get themselves into position to play the US championship game you could say Hey we we had that game for fifty one minutes plus yeah I know it is good luck it's it's tough for the pac twelve because they needed that one as a conference awful at Penn state Penn state off the route last week against an FCS club naming the score taking care of business thirty and a half there gonna laid a buffalo fifty six the total Matt Myers quarterback for the bulls this team not the same squad that we've seen in years past Sean Clifford pretty solid quarterback after last week both throwing and running the ball forward and gain in the backfield not bad hammer outstanding receiver had nine receptions under fifteen two touchdowns seven sacks didn't give up any against Idaho they rolled over the vandals who are now in FCS club right I can only look.

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