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Jeff Flake, Republican Party, Sabah discussed on Overnight America with Jon Grayson


If he zabel to get more quote unquote conservative folks in to some of these positions and get the establishment republicans out in some of those establishment republicans right we know who they are uh jeff flake is one is number of them well then that's going to clearly do a number of things that will hurt the republican party first we can have more of a defied within the republican party because you're going to have more the the bannon type nationalists versus the more establishment republicans and so if you think things are at a gridlock now in washington dc you just wait but that's all beside the point one of the things that i may have said this last weekend i quite frankly can't remember but one of the things that has to you have to bear in mind is as the republicans this sabah's republicans they're really worried about steve bannon well the wall street journal had what i thought was a great point and that is listen if you republicans you want a enacting though an antidote if you well first steve bannon then what you need to do is you just need to do the job that you were sent to wash tin d c to do in other words if you worried about bannon if you're sick with worry about bannon while a which you can do is you can repeal and replace obamacare you can come up with some tax reform you can make sure that our immigration laws are enforced you can make sure.

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