Federal Reserve, Tony Dwyer, Melissa Leo discussed on CNBC's Fast Money


A right now why the NASDAQ market sign. Overlooking New York City's Times Square, I'm Melissa Leo. Traders on the desk or pizza, Jerry and Tim Seymour. Brian Kelly died Dommie checkout. Shares of Micron. That's Acas volatile after reporting earnings moments ago that conference call is underway. We'll bring you all the latest details. Plus top strategist, Tony Dwyer says almost nothing will bring this rally to a screeching halt. You will explain why he is so bullish as stocks reach for all time highs, but we start off with the market stocks sinking. As the Federal Reserve saying that rate hikes are off the table for the rest of the year after a bit of whiplash. Ultimately, ending the day down nearly one hundred and fifty points. Take a look at some of the big movers. This is what really what we want to focus on the dollar. Got crushed. Choose five spreads taken a dive at checkout. Also, some of these sectors here tech stocks real bright spot than financials the big losers down more than two percents. So it's kind of like a game of choose your own adventure. Look at these charts and tell us what they are telling us about the markets. About the fed decision. What the fed is saying about the markets. Susan new game. Like your team. Like, your T leaves read them interpret them as you will give me today launch exciting adventure tea leaves. I'm gonna go escape in my lane. You know before this whole fast money thing. I actually had a real job and I used to make money. So I said what's going on here? And I said, wait a second. You know, the fed is gonna festively torture US dollar. They're going to continue. Rachel continue to go down to dollars. From your continues selloff central banks will probably continue to buy gold. I think the market.

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